Mike McClure – I Am Not Broken

Labels:Crow and Gazelle
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Total Time:00:04:09
From the Album:I Am Not Broken
Available Date & Time: Sep 08 2020 10:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Sep 14 2020 00:00:00

Mike McClure – I Am Not Broken 

To look at the last few years of Mike McClure’s life is to understand that there has been a life-altering awakening. It’s been a time of reckoning, renewal and growth for the singer, songwriter, artist and producer—a five-year span that’s resulted in Looking Up, ten tracks that find him getting sober, wrestling with insecurity and finding a new love for both himself and others and working to understand the new light he’s found in discovering that the best moments in life come from being present. 

McClure got his start playing at The Farm in Stillwater, Okla., with artists including Bob Childers, Tom Skinner, Steve Ripley, and Jimmy LaFave, and later was a founding member of legendary Red Dirt band, The Great Divide. He has produced albums for the Turnpike Troubadours, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland & the Stragglers, and many others. McClure has spent two decades as a touring musician and released nine albums of his own, working closely with Joe Hardy, the famed ZZ Top producer and engineer, in the decade before Hardy’s death in 2019.

On Looking Up, McClure and his partner, Chrislyn Lawrence, created and produced the album on their own, at his Boohatch Studio in Ada, Okla.  “I Am Not Broken,” an anthemic track that realizes the past can be more than simplifying definitions. It’s clear that every piece of Mike McClure’s life is changing and he finally sees that as a good thing.

“I’ve been sober a year, and I’ve been doing yoga and meditation. I’m in a healthy and love-filled relationship,” he says. “I haven’t been home or in one steady spot very much for the last 25 years of being a touring musician. Since being off the road these past few months, we’ve been tending to a garden, raising chickens and writing again. Our hands in the dirt, healing, and learning ways to think about and talk about sobriety and life, with each other, with strangers, and especially with my two daughters—they’re 21 and 17. Being here at home with them, and being truly present for the first time, has allowed some healing to begin for us all. It’s been so peaceful and grounding. I'm really grateful for it all.”






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