Michelle Schorp – Fight For Me (Radio Edit)

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From the Album:Fight For Me
Available Date & Time: Jul 11 2018 11:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Aug 03 2018 00:00:00

Everyone of us is in some sort of battle… We are all standing and believing God for something… That was the message that was rattling around in my heart when I went into a writing session with my friend/producer, Nate.


This melody was swirling around and the words, "You fight for me" happened pretty quickly into the session. The idea that God fights for us and that we aren't battling alone was something we connected to right away.


What truths have we learned over the years? That God fights for us, that He doesn't leave us and that He is who He says He is even when we can't feel it.


We finished this song in one afternoon, we were so blown away. In the most honest way I can say it, we didn't write this song, God truly wrote it and we just recorded it. We pray its an anthem that people can sing when they need encouragement and need to be reminded that God is fighting battles FOR them. -Michelle Schorp


About Michelle:

My name is Michelle Schorp, I live in Franklin, TN with my husband of 15 years, Scott, and my three children, Caleb, Noah and Zoe.


I've been a worship leader for over 20 years and have a heart for the local church. I started singing when I was a little girl and knew right away that's what I would do with my life.


I moved from Florida to Nashville at 17 to attend Belmont University and to pursue a career in music. I quickly discovered that I wasn't' an "industry" person and that leading worship was really my passion. I started writing songs for the local church, fell in love with congregational leading and settled into different roles over the years in that capacity.


I recently went through a season where God called me out of ministry, all i had known for 2 decades, and asked me to rest. It was challenging, but I reluctantly obeyed. It was possibly the most important thing I've ever done. I rested, God gave me fresh vision and refreshed my heart is so many ways. It was a 4 year hiatus.


January of this year God called me back into music,writing and leading. So here we are! Worship leading is still my passion and heart. I love writing songs that are hopefully, easy to sing, easy to connect to and that will resonate with everyday people, like myself. Praying that God uses me for kingdom impact in whatever way He sees fit.


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