Michael Braunfeld – Breathe

Labels:Brad Paul Media
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Total Time:00:03:39
From the Album:Breathe
Available Date & Time: Mar 07 2019 11:45:00 EST
Impact Date: Mar 18 2019 00:00:00

Michael Braunfeld
From the album 
Impacting March 18, 2018
Michael Braunfeld is, first and foremost, a storyteller. His songs capture the everyday triumphs and struggles of ordinary people. His characters – though trapped in the particular circumstances of their own lives – appeal to a universal audience.  He has become a regular featured performer at the Writers' Night at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.  "Breathe" features the finest of the Philadelphia music scene supporting Michael on the song and the album.
"Though his guitar work is as complex as that of folk artist John Fahey, Braunfeld's songwriting strays toward classic rock 'n' roll and alt-country".  
-Newtown Square Life Magazine
+Produced by Grammy® winner Glenn Barratt and Kyle Swartzwelder at MorningStar in Philadelphia
+Kerrville New Folk Finalist 2016 and 2018
+Telluride Troubadour Finalist 2017

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Brad Paul Media
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