MGMT – In The Afternoon

Labels:MGMT Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:46
From the Album:In The Afternoon
Formats:AAA,Alternative,College,Non-Commercial,NPR,Rock,Rock – Specialty
Available Date & Time: Jan 22 2020 13:00:00 EST
Impact Date: Feb 04 2020 00:00:00




In The Afternoon is already receiving airplay at Sirius XMU, KEXP, WEQX, and KCRW.

Playlisting on In The Afternoon:

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New Music Friday US 3.48M followers

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988M all time MGMT streams (since 2015)

Over 2M all time In The Afternoon streams

50% of all streams come from listener’s own libraries and playlists

Additional Spotify playlists: Indie Stage 419k, Indie All Stars 121.4k, Indielandia 69.8k, Danger Mouse Jukebox 44.7k, Compact Cassette 42k, New Alternative 24k

Apple playlists: 

Headliners, Peak Indie, Breaking Alternative

172.8M all time MGMT plays
412k all time In The Afternoon plays


MGMT have been streamed into the billions and their singles "Kids" "Electric Feel" and "Time To Pretend" are staples on alternative radio more than 11 years past their original release

In The Afternoon music video


From the band:Here is a new song that we recorded in November 2019, “In The Afternoon. This is the first ever totally independent release for MGMT. A d.i.y. affair all the way down to the video! As usual and by design these songs may contain triggers for emotionally sensitive constitutions. Please consume with caution.”



Mark Kates – ****@****************.*** – ***-***-****
David Gottlieb *********@***************.*** – ***-***-****
Publicity:Grandstand Media
Dana Erickson – *****@************.*** – ‭(***) ***-****
Kate Jackson – ‭*****@************.*** – (***) ***-****‬


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