Maverick City Music feat. Chandler Moore and KJ Scriven – Man Of Your Word

Labels:Maverick City Music
Number of Tracks:2
Total Time:00:06:40
From the Album:Man Of Your Word
Formats:Christian AC,Christian CHR,Christian Hot AC
Available Date & Time: Jul 27 2020 17:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Aug 21 2020 00:00:00

Maverick City Music feat. Chandler Moore and KJ Scriven
Man Of Your Word

August 21st, 2020

Format: Christian AC, Christian CHR, Christian Hot AC

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Maverick City Music’s

“Man of Your Word” 

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Songs like "Man of Your Word" are the kinds of songs we need in times like these. The voices and opinions of others aren’t always helpful and can often distract us if we’re not careful. Every now and again we need to be reminded. For us, worshiping has always been about remembrance: remembering what God says about us, our family, our relationships, and every thing else in between. We may not always feel like it’s gonna work out, but His Word tells us that it will. We are constantly reminding ourselves that Jesus is truly a ‘Man of His Word’, and as long as we’re still breathing, He’s still working. We hope this song finds you in a place where you can be reminded that He who promised is faithful to complete and perform everything he has promised to you.

-Maverick City Music


Spirit 105.3 in Seattle, WA

95.1 Shine-FM in Baltimore, MD

AIR1 network


"We love ‘Man Of Your Word’. Musical and lyrical bullseye. And right now is an important moment that radio should embrace. The musical ground that’s broken here is meaningful because this song is another needed example of what the Church looks like and sounds like, when we make music, and worship the Lord Jesus, together."

— Ty McFarland, PD Spirit 105.3/Seattle


"Maverick City is the most frequent music share I've been receiving from my friends. My friend Stephanie texted me "this song bridges the divide between Gospel and CCM." Such great tempo, dancable and singable for Summer, and deep truth in the lyrics." 

Sarah Taylor, MD Spirit 105.3/Seattle


“This is bigger than picking another song to add to rotation. I want their voice and their mission to be heard on our station. It’s kind of that simple.“

— John Lawhon, PD 95.1 Shine-FM/Baltimore



About Maverick City Music:


Maverick City started with a dream to make space for folk that would otherwise live in their own separate worlds. To break the unspoken rules that exist in the CCM and Gospel World! But I think more importantly to be a mega phone for a community of creatives that have been pushed to the margins of the industry of Church Music. What brings us together, and that sound that is vivaciously smacking you in the face the first time you hit play on a Maverick track, isn’t the sound of a community that centered around their deprivation, it’s the audacious sound of true belonging: The beautiful harmony of long lost family.



Maybe now more than ever, not just the Church but the world needs a plurality of strong diverse voices carrying messages that can help reshape the world. However, we didn’t start out to be a diverse community for the sake of diversity. We simply became aware of our deep need for people that were so absent from our lives that their silence was deafening. Our response was to create space for that which we had so profoundly became of aware of.
Our need for each other.




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