Matthew A. Butter – you are a friend

Labels:Engedi Records/Less Travelled Music
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:24
From the Album:you are a friend
Formats:Christian AC,Christian Praise & Worship
Available Date & Time: Jun 11 2020 18:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Jun 12 2020 00:00:00

We are so thankful & appreciative to everyone who has played Matthew's first single "you are a friend"
 Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Danka!
 Social Distance High Fives all the way around! 🙂 Keep the spins coming and let's spread the Butter all over the United States and Beyond! First 3 stations to send a screenshot of "you are a friend" on their playlist during the time period of June 24th through June 30th will get a merch bundle sent the station for the entire team! Hats, Stickers, CDs, and more!


Special Shout Out to these folks

WWIB-FM, WNFR-FM, WECC-FM, UNI News, WFST-AM, WGCA-FM, WAFT-FM, 2RFM Rhema Newcastle, CJGY-FM, Flow FM 99.5, WAYR-FM, KBUB-FM/KPSM-FM, Lead Me To The Rock, Highland FM 107.1, WBVN-FM, WDAC-FM~WBYN-FM, Horizon Radio 97.3 FM, MusicForHisGlory, RTV Nunspeet, WVMC-FM, KBLD-FM, KBLD-FM, KBCU-FM, Righteous Rock Radio, Faith Radio Network, CCFM 107.5, KWLK-FM, I Am Radio, Revival FM, KVFE-FM, WJKN-FM, CHVI-FM, Soul Traveller Radio, WLIH-FM, WLIH-FM, The Signum LLP, WHJU-LP, KXGR-FM, WXRM-LP, 96Five Family, WAYG-LP, WCIF-FM, Ultra 106.5, WWWA-FM, Maresman, WCLN-FM, WTPN-FM~WEQS-FM~WWJC-FM, Good News Center Lithuania, The Fridge 88.3 FM, KZJB-FM, WDAC-FM, Salvos Radio, Tygerberg 104fm, Good News Radio 103.9, KVNG-FM, CJTW-FM, Rhema FM 99.9, 103.9 Life FM

In other news, we are starting to book radio tour dates for interviews and on-air performances both in studio and remotely. Please contact ***-***-**** or *******@***************.*** to get on Matthew's calendar. Thanks so much!
Lastly, Check out the new lyric video for "you are a friend"

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Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/SoundCloud: @thebutterlife


Matthew A. Butter 

Engedi Records/ Less Travelled Music



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