Marty Thompson – A Thud (Radio Edit)

Labels: Marty Thompson Records
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 3:53
Formats: Alternative
Available Date & Time: May 16, 2018 11:30 AM ET
Impact Date: May 16, 2018
Country: USA


Marty Thompson: Martin Acoustic Guitars, Gibson ES-335, Gibson Thunderbird & Spector Basses, Gretsch Mandolin, Yamaha Baby Grand Piano, Main & Backing Vocals, Congos, Bongos, Triangle, Field Recordings, (no ukulele)
Donna Bassham: Piano on "White Piano"
Drums & Horns by the wizards at StudioPros in Compton, CA

Styles: Rock, Alternative Rock, Album Rock, Folk Rock, Texas Rock

Similar To: Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Widespread Panic, Grateful Dead, Waylon Jennings,

Thin Lizzy

Release Notes

"I started this album in 2015, in a guitar store in Munich. I went in at the beginning of a month-long backpacking trip with my family, and there were so many fabulous guitars that I simply could not decide which one to buy to take with me. So, leaving empty-handed, my daughter Sage asked if she could buy a little pink ukulele for nine Euro. Sure! Why not. Well, the rest they say is history. I wrote ten songs that summer on the pink uke. All of them different, and exploring all kinds of topics from horseflies and castles to the current identity crisis in Europe, mysterious beer, and World War II. The album plays as a cohesive snapshot of our time there, our time on this planet, and the future we’re leaving for our children. Most of all though, I hope you will hear the joy and hope in my music. Life’s path is a Wünderweg: a wonderful way around. I hope you enjoy." -Marty

Produced by: Marty Thompson

Co-Produced by: Robb Hutzal

Recorded in: Texas, California, & Ginsling Austria

Cover Art by: J.T. Lucchesi / Home Team Graphics

Artist Biography

Raised in West Texas, Marty Thompson is influenced heavily by both classic Texas Rock and Psych-Country cross-vibes. Electrified under the Friday Night Lights, he had worn out and replaced his cassette of Van Halen’s debut album by age 6, saw Ozzy at age 8, had complete collections of all Beatles, Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd albums by age 11, and saw ZZ Top in concert twice before age 15.

Early on, poetry, often in song form, began to emerge. Several poems were published or displayed, and this began the basis of his poetic songwriting style. He now has written over 200 original pieces of music and his live repertoire consists of over 300 songs (originals & covers). Marty performs with a steel string acoustic Martin 00 or his Gibson ES-335, but also plays a mean Gibson Thunderbird bass, as well as mandolin, banjo, piano, and other instruments.

While living in Ft. Worth, Texas and attending TCU, Marty learned more about the guitar from his neighbor, the late legendary Scott Fraser (virtuoso guitarist for Space Opera in the 1970’s and conductor of the Ft. Worth Symphony Orchestra). During this time, Marty worked as a Stage Technician at The Aardvark, a club near campus, playing the regular acoustic drop-in show on Sundays. This Ft. Worth landmark was crucial in his development as a budding musician. He worked and played with Col. Bruce Hampton, Jimmy Herring, Patrice Pike (Sister 7), The Toadies, Tripping Daisy, Soulhat, The Grapes, Deep Blue Something, Matchbox 20, and many more. It was also at this time he met his wife, Kara, who introduced him to Paul Schnarz. Paul was the Manager of the Dixie Chicks and was ultimately responsible for rocketing them to stardom.

Marty moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 1997 to attend Middle Tennessee University and obtain a Recording Industry degree. Along with David Dean, Michael Dennis, Jeff Lee, Sam Holt and Chris Rabold (Sound Engineer) he formed a band called StormWatch. StormWatch had regional success traveling around Tennessee and the South, as well as a fabled tour through Texas in Summer ’98. Through his relationship with Schnarz, Marty obtained a job at ASCAP in the Membership department alongside the Vice President, John Briggs (son of David Briggs who produced many Neil Young albums). Working here allowed him to network and share music with other songwriters, including Waylon Jennings.

Marty’s relationship with Sam Holt (StormWatch) continued in the years to come as he aided him as a Promoter and Web Designer for southern rock band Outformation after his stint with Widespread Panic. He worked closely with Outformation’s Tour Manager and Sound Engineer, Eli Akins, who now works for Zac Brown Band.

In 2015, Marty released his 1st solo album, "If You Could See Me Now", followed now by his second album, "Romantic Stories", out May 23, 2018. The new album contains songs written on a month-long hiking trip through the Bavarian Alps he took with his family in 2015.

Marty plays near his homes in Midland, Texas and Silverthorne, Colorado as he continues to write, record, and perform live with the help of some very talented friends. Don’t miss a chance to see and hear this original singer/songwriter for yourself!

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