Marc Staggers – Let’s Go Out Tonight

Labels:Mar-Reg Music
Number of Tracks:6
Total Time:00:25:36
From the Album:Let’s Go Out Tonight
Available Date & Time: Apr 03 2019 13:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Apr 03 2019 00:00:00

Marc Staggers’ latest CD “Let’s Go Out Tonight” has taken the International R&B/Soul market by storm.   Within weeks of its release on February 12, 2019, the CD soared to the top of StarPoint Radio’s UK Soul Chart and Solarradio’s Sweet Rhythms Chart where several songs remain in heavy rotation.  His music has been featured on numerous terrestrial and internet-based radio programs which has included BBC Radio Stations across the UK. 


The reaction from many DJ’s, Radio Presenters and soul lovers has been nothing short of impressive.  Prior to releasing the entire CD, Marc released a duet single titled “I’ll Do Anything for You” that featured the incredible talent of Ms. Nia Simmons.  He selected one of New York’s hottest DJ’s, John Morales, to do a remix of the song.  The remix was placed in Starfleet’s Worldwide Record Pool where in 16 weeks the song did very well across all 4 Starfleet charts.  The “I’ll Do Anything for You” remix went to #1 on 2 charts, #5 & #8 on the other 2 charts. This was huge considering the competition from the major label artist. Additionally, the song received 1,515,778 votes on Starfleet’s VIP page.


Marc Staggers has also had other UK Soul Chart Topping songs that have included “Bring It Home to Me'', “Keep Those Fires Burning”, and “Let Me Be The One” which were co-written with UK Producer/Songwriter Nigel Lowis, who has sold more than 30 million albums around the world working with artists like Dina Carrol, Eternal, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Burt Bacharach, Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carrey, and Carol King.


Marc and Reginald Staggers describe the “Let’s Go Out Tonight” CD as a musical collaboration that has elevated their music to the next level.  In their words “they are elated with the new CD and are hopeful that soul lovers worldwide will embrace the music and feel the passion that was put forth to produce it”! 




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