Malou Beauvoir – Papa Damballah

Labels:Panthera Music International
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Total Time:00:03:49
From the Album:Papa Damballah
Available Date & Time: Nov 08 2019 12:00:00 EST
Impact Date: Nov 12 2019 00:00:00

Featured in Suzan Beraza's Massacre River Documentary


The sixth single from Malou Beauvoir’s Spiritwalker album, “Papa Damballah” speaks to one of the most ancient and revered spirits in Haitian Vaudou. The creator of all life, Papa Damballah, the great white snake, represents wisdom, morality, creation, and equity.

The song recalls we are all his children and asks for his protection and guidance in situations of injustice. Beauvoir’s personal relationship with this spirit is emphasized during the spoken word passage when she “thanks him and the spirits that guide her everyday of her life for their support”.

The closing song on Spiritwalker, “Papa Damballah” plays over the end credits in Suzan Beraza’s documentary Massacre River: The Woman Without a Country, which has aired on PBS over 1500 times since its televisual premiere on October 1st 2019. New air dates for the film have been announced for November.

Beauvoir reflects on how right this song was when chosen by the director, saying “I feel as if Papa Damballah was manifesting and telling Pikilina in the film, that she had finally gotten some form of justice by telling her story and representing countless others.”

“Papa Damballah” features Andy Ezrin (Piano), Bob Mann (Guitar), Ben Whitman (Drums and Percussion), and David Finck (Upright Bass). Recorded at AVATAR Studios in NY.


About Massacre River

This character-driven documentary takes place in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, two ethnically and culturally distinct countries that have been forced to share an island since colonial times. The film follows Pikilina, a Dominican-born woman of Haitian descent, and her family. Racial and political violence erupt when the country of her birth, the Dominican Republic, reverses its birthright citizenship law and she is left stateless, along with 250,000 others. With the stroke of a pen, generations of people are left without a homeland. This sets Pikilina off on an epic journey as she struggles to regain her Dominican citizenship. Pikilina now faces the choice of fighting for her rightful citizenship and exposing herself to danger, or fleeing with her family to Haiti, a country she barely knows. In a country already rife with racism, this contentious law further stokes an atmosphere of distrust and animosity between Dominicans and Haitians, and gives tacit official support for xenophobia.


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