Maia Hirasawa – I Wanna Do It Now

Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:09
From the Album:I Wanna Do It Now
Available Date & Time: Apr 17 2019 10:30:00 EDT
Impact Date: Apr 24 2019 00:00:00


Maia Hirasawa; the Stockholm-based (half Swedish- half Japanese) pop artist been a natural part of the Swedish music scene for over a decade with her unique voice, melodic songs and outstanding charisma on stage.  

Maia´s released 3 albums in English, one in Swedish and also some songs in Japanese and she mixes the three languages easily.

Since 2011 she might even got a bigger career in her father’s home country Japan. She won the Japanese people’s heart in 2011 with her big hit ”Boom!”. The song was one of the most popular in Japan that year and won lots of different prizes and generated in a great future for her there. She’s gone back and forth from Sweden to Japan since then. 


If you hear a filmic tone in Maia´s music you are on the right track. She is also working as a composer and producer and she made film scores, music for TV-dramas and commercials. She’s been writing over 50 tracks for that purpose over the last years. Her biggest inspirations are the Beach Boys, Feist and and also she loves the Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals.


Maia has always been a very independent pop artist, writing, recording and producing herself, but on the new single ”I wanna do it now” she’s collaborated with the producer team; TÅFAB for a more electronic feel.


Maia’s own words about her new track;

I was in a writer’s block and didn’t have any ideas what to write about. My friend said; ”Write about that you wanna get laid..” So I did, and ”I wanna do it now” is the result. I am over excited that people all over the world can dance to it now! 


”I wanna do it now” is released on April 26



Mikael Gustavsson
Headstomp Productions
m: ******@*********.***
t:   +46-(0)8-20 21 60 

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