M8 Mewsic – Far Away

Labels:Checked Label Services
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:04:02
From the Album:Far Away
Available Date & Time: Oct 01 2020 20:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Oct 02 2020 00:00:00


With an upbeat groove and warm, earthy vocals ‘Far Away’ is an irrefutably uplifting track. It's a nod to blues and roots, infused with a folk edge. Musically and lyrically it takes you along for the ride. We all have moments on the journey when we have to stay positive. ‘Far Away’ is about finding the best in every situation. This song will undeniably get your toes tapping and arms swaying.

M8 Mewsic's musical style is a melting pot of influences across decades of popular genres. He combines earthy, coastal blues and roots-inspired songs across the spectrum. From ballads to high energy funk/rock/blues.

M8 spent most of his time on the road performing over 300 shows last year. With many years of experience on the road touring Australia and a set list of strong originals backed up with powerful renditions of classic and recent covers, M8 Mewsic has forged a reputation of extremely entertaining performances to diverse crowds in just a multitude of venues and outdoor settings.

M8 has played all over Australia (when he can). Following the sun around this vast, brown land of ours. His repertoire is as big as the Aussie land itself. Drawing from Australia's rich history and reflecting on the upheavals and positive aspects of everyday Australian life, M8's original music touches on experiences that every individual can relate to.  M8 Mewsic's songs and themes resonate with music listeners and lovers that love a down to earth flavor.

Dedicated and professional, M8's passion for music is evident as well as his work ethic and raw energy. You won't be disappointed by M8's unique style and his ability to wow you every time.


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