Luke Cyrus – A Savior’s Come To Save

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"A Savior's Come To Save" by Luke Cyrus

– Impacting Christmas '19 – 
Produced by Tedd T, Jake Halm & Luke Cyrus

I know it's last minute and so many people have their Christmas music playlists already setup. However, each year a song comes around that grabs my attention and even though it's Thanksgiving week, it's worth sending to radio because there is something so special about it. "A Savior's Come To Save" from Luke Cyrus is that song. 

Chad Bradley at Power 88.3/Hope FM introduced me to Luke a while back and this song blew my mind. Pay attention to this dude. He has immense talent but an even more incredible heart for the Gospel and for ministry. The intention he has in his music is quite remarkable. This song brings with it all of Luke's intention to making much of Jesus along with remarkable wonder and awe at what it must have been like to hear of the arrival of this baby who came to save us all from sin.

Please click play on this song. I hope you experience what I did when I first heard it. If it moves you like it moved me, I hope you can find a space for it on your radio station. — Josh Lauritch


Hey, Luke Cyrus here. This song was birthed out of a desire to write a Christmas song for our local church one year, so I sat down with the Word and just started jotting down some thoughts as I read the accounts found in scripture.

When I write I see things in pictures and images in my mind – almost like a movie being played out. One of the lines in the song talks about “scattering all the blackness of the night,” and while writing this line I saw this vague, vast, and dark environment…and then I saw this ray of light bursting into the scene and I saw darkness flee immediately. It had no choice. I saw evil scurry out in fear. I saw smelly spells and curses being shattered; lies and deception scampering off like frantic rats running across the floor.

I don’t know if you feel the same way, but there are many days when I wake up, look around, and see something similar. I see a “vague, heavy, vast, and dark environment,” leaving me longing for Truth and Justice to arrive, scattering the darkness.

This last season has had me spending many months in third world settings seeing the realities of some of the poorest and powerless. I have witnessed firsthand the effects of corrupt leaders misappropriating hundreds of millions of dollars, all while their own citizens literally starve. Seeing the look in the eyes of a person who only gets one meal every other day really does something to you.

“Hope, where are you?!”

And we don’t have to travel farther than our own hearts to see the effects of the curse The Fall brought us – bitterness, lust, gossip, “I am my own god!”, knowing the right thing to do – yet not doing it, corruption, greed, indifference, and the list goes on.

“We see the dark…  where is the Light?”
“Who will take it away?”
“Who can make it right?”

Jesus, we need you.

Things are not as they should be,
Can’t you feel it deep inside?
Aches of Eden’s memories,
“Adam, what have you done?”

“What have WE done?”
For it is written, “… all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God…”

Options, nonexistent for self to restore self, who can cure me of my sin disease?
O the chasm – the distance between mortal man and his Holy Maker,


“Who can take us to the other side?!”

And all was dark,
All was dark,

But what is this?
Behold, a ray of light,

For Hope was born in a manger,
A Savior Has Come To Save.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

I am thankful for this promise.

– Luke



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