Lo-Pan – Subtle

Labels:Aqualamb Records
Number of Tracks:10
Total Time:00:40:53
From the Album:Subtle
Formats:Active Rock,Alternative,Mainstream Rock,Metal
Available Date & Time: Sep 10 2019 10:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Sep 09 2019 00:00:00

Lo-Pan: New LP, 'Subtle', Ready for Radio

Alt-Metal Bigs Blend Billowy Heaviness and Consummate Catchiness on Ambitious New Album


Respected hard rock band Lo-Pan will release its new LP, 'Subtle', on May 17 via Aqualamb Records. The Ohio group, known for its dichotomic sound which merges sturm und drang heaviness with relentlessly catchy, AOR laden melody, recorded the new album at both NYC's Reservoir and The Union studios with Grammy Award winning producer James Brown (Foo Fighters, Ghost, NIN). Lo-Pan's fourth record, 'Subtle' was mastered by famed engineer Ted Jensen (Alice in Chains, Guns 'N' Roses, Mastodon) and is the highly anticipated follow-up to the unit's 2017 release, 'In Tensions', a record hailed as "rock more akin for a day at the beach than a nightmarish, post-apocalyptic dungeon lair" (Last Rites).

   With their fourth full-length, bassist Skot Thompson, drummer Jesse Bartz, guitaristChris Thompson and singer Jeff Martin have pushed Lo-Pan's already high ceiling straight through its proverbial roof. 'Subtleopening track "10 Days" begins with the unmistakable static of a guitar being plugged in; an entryway to a beautifully gnarly riff that heralds an album built on heavy walls of sound and feeling, underpinned by the familiar collision of Bartz’s heavy hitting and Thompson’s sleek basslines, all in service to Martin’s transcendent vocal performances.

   Revolver debuted the first music video from 'Subtle', premiering Lo-Pan's new video "Ten Days", and tagging the group's sound as "Sludgy yet poppy hard-rock". See and hear Lo-Pan's "Ten Days" at this location.

   Decibel has also published an in-depth interview with vocalist Martin, adding that, "Subtle is a gem." For more, visit this location.


 In celebration of the release of 'Subtle'Kerrang! is streaming the new Lo-Pan LP in its entirety, stating that the band "continue to evolve their sound, crafting intense, swirling tunes that float with both an otherworldly grace and a devastating menace." Stream Lo-Pan's'Subtle' at this location.

   It’s hardly a secret that some of the most potent hard rock ever rocked comes from the American midwest; places like Detroit and Cleveland, after all, have proven to serve as perfect inspiration for first-rate heavy music. Formed in 2005 and forged from the fire of more than 1,000 white hot live performances alongside peers such as High on Fire, Torche, KENmode and more, Lo-Pan's "secret" is its unf!ckable ability to create immersive rock music born of dynamic dazzle, progressive pummel and emotional energy. Silky, yet punishing.



RADIO SAFE Track listing:

1.) 10 Days (3:18)    

2.) Savage Heart (3:48)    

3.) Ascension Day (3:37)   

4.) Sage (3:48)  

5.) Everything Burns (6:57)   

6.) Old News (3:42)   

7.) Bring Me A War  (2:58)  

8.) A Thousand Miles  (4:07)  

9.) Khan (4:35) 

10.) Butcher's Bill  (6:30)

11.) The Law & The Swarm (4:30)


Media contacts:
Carl Schultz
Action! PR

Mona Miluski

Label Contacts:
Johnathan Swafford / Eric Palmerlee
Aqualamb Records




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