Lady Redneck – I’m a Lady That’s Redneck Crazy

Labels:LR Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:02:48
From the Album:I’m a Lady That’s Redneck Crazy
Available Date & Time: Sep 03 2019 07:30:00 EDT

I M P A C T I N G   N O W !

After a strong introduction to country radio with her debut release, "Duct Tape My Broken Heart," Lady Redneck — Stephanie Lee — is back with her brand new single, "I’m A Lady That’s Redneck Crazy."  Providing a glimpse into her eclectic lifestyle, listeners are sure to relate to finding balance between a plethora of passions. 

Written by Stephanie, the song is the latest release from the busy artist who has released four full-length albums to her rapidly growing social media followers — now totaling well over 500k.  With overflowing passion and drive, Lady Redneck creates, sings and shares little pieces of her heart three minutes at a time, leaving listeners exactly how she wants them — happy.

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