Kerry Hart – Screaming Quietly

Labels:Obsidian Music
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:04:27
From the Album:Screaming Quietly
Formats:AAA,Americana,Non-Commercial,NPR,Triple A
Available Date & Time: Jan 16 2020 09:30:00 EST
Impact Date: Feb 03 2020 00:00:00

Kerry Hart
"Screaming Quietly"
From the album
I Know A Gun
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Hart’s full-length debut I Know a Gun arrives as a truly singular body of work. With its lavishly detailed and largely acoustic sound, the album unfolds in transportive melodies and sweeping arrangements suggesting a Celtic folk influence, yet bears an edgy complexity entirely unique to Hart. “To become truly creative, I had to move through the mess and pain of life and it was a fight for the freedom and peace on the other side,” she points out. “That’s been the journey for me, and my music necessarily reflects that tension.”


After completing the recording of I Know a Gun, Hart and her bandmates headed to Ireland and traveled all around the country performing the songs in pubs and churches, in nature, and in a cave in her namesake County Kerry—a trip documented in an upcoming short film Caves and Cathedrals directed by award-winning filmmaker Savannah Bloch. “It was my first time playing my music for utter strangers, outside of Los Angeles, and it was a test of whether I could bring the joy and hope and presence of the songs to people everywhere, and enjoy the grind of it,” says Hart. “It ended up being so magical, and I realized I’m absolutely made to facilitate human connective experience through music. I was born to do this.”



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