Kaz Bielinski – Love Situation

Labels:Kaz Bielinski Music
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:04:21
From the Album:Love Situation
Formats:AC,Smooth Jazz
Available Date & Time: Mar 24 2020 12:00:00 EDT

Kaz is a native Californian now living near Los Angeles. From his early days in a band called "The Illusions" through his life journey (2 degrees and a job as a cab driver!) music has been his passion. Kaz has charted in the AC TOP 20 with several of his songs. His latest CD is simply called KAZ. The 7 songs on it ranges from the "alt-pop with a retro-rock flavor" (CELEBMIX) of "Believe In Love" to the bossa nova styling of "Love Situation". The album was produced by Eric Berdon (Marc Broussard, Colbie Caillat, Brett Young) and Eric also contributed Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals & Programming. KAZ also features the talents of Tim Pierce (guitar), Matt Laug (drums), Lance Morrison (bass), Zac Rae (keys) Jerry Adamo (bass) Tom Saviano (sax)

“Love Situation” features a velvety jazz-flavored melody with hints of sensuous Latin-infused colors, vaguely reminiscent of Sade’s sophisti-pop music. Glinting guitars give off cashmere timbres, while a suave saxophone imbues the tune with scrumptious seductive tones. The mood and feel of the song deliver low-slung quixotic savors dripping with elegance. Kaz’s honeyed voice, silky with polished tones, gives the lyrics elusive tantalizing, voluptuous coloration. (RAWCKUS MAGAZINE)


Please visit his website at www.kazbielinski.com. Kaz is available for an interview.


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