Katrina Burgoyne – Tennessee

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Available Date & Time: Dec 17 2020 18:00:00 EST
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Katrina Burgoyne

December 18th, 2020

Format(s): Country, Pop

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“Not all great love stories have an ever after. I wrote ‘Tennessee’ after feeling like I had found my place in the world. I’ve always fallen for people just out of my grasp (and zip code)” says Katrina.

The lyrics “I’m gonna love you and I’m gonna set you free, but if you ever wanna come to Tennessee” mark a moment of growth as a women for Katrina and staying true to herself while moving forward on her own journey.

“Tennessee is about lovingly letting someone go but leaving the door open just a crack” says Katrina. “Giving a man room to take the lead and show he cares by showing up on your doorstep”. This theory proved a success when her now boyfriend and producer Steve Kinney journeyed to Australia to ask her to be his girlfriend.

The music video was shot in Printers Alley, Downtown Nashville and the iconic walk bridge over looking Downtown taking the viewers back to Kinney and Burgoyne’s very first date. The same bar; the same alley kiss. The only thing different is that in the real life version, it was Katrina leaving to board a plane and head back to Australia for two and a half months.

“It felt really authentic having Steve be the handsome stranger in the music video. When editing this project I just fell in love with the love story. I don’t think it would have been as convincing with someone else”.

Katrina Burgoyne and Steve Kinney have seen two successful releases this year. ‘It All Falls Down’ and ‘25 Cents In The Ashtray’. With a passion for film and photography, this power house couple records and produces everything themselves from the song through to the music videos. “We make a great team” said Katrina. 

Moving to Nashville, USA in January 2017, Burgoyne has been working on her craft, writing hundreds of songs. Raised in regional New South Wales Australia, Katrina Burgoyne has been tagged as Nashville's newest up and coming singer/songwriter to watch.

As a songwriter, Katrina has secured indie and major label cuts across three continents (North America, Australia and UK) and four countries (Australia, New Zealand, USA and Ireland). Burgoyne has seen her songs top the iTunes Charts in New Zealand, Australia, the Shazam chart in Ireland and featured on Fresh Country and New Nashville Spotify playlists.


Checked Label Services

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