Jimbo Pap – Yard Sale

Labels:Fiesta Red Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:02:54
From the Album:Yard Sale
Available Date & Time: Sep 12 2019 10:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Sep 16 2019 00:00:00

"The catchy rhythm and the infectious call-and-response vocals render this an instant earworm. In fact, we daresay It Can Always Get Worse will earworm its way into your life for good." – Americana Highways

Jimbo Pap

"Yard Sale"

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Full Album It Can Always Get Worse Due September 13, 2019

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For Jimbo Pap — whose members have all logged time on the road and/or in the music industry trenches— the LP’s cover image (Bowers’s great- grandmother pushing a shopping cart across a rocky desert landscape during the mid-‘80s) perfectly sums things up. ”It's a way for us to express gratitude," Bowers says of the album's title and cover. “We get used to life's setbacks; in fact we’ve come to expect them. We carry on, knowing that it could be so much worse.” The album was named by pianist Pap Shirock, winning an informal caption contest after seeing the proposed cover art. It Can Always Get Worse is a shining success of a debut offering, stacked with songs that transmit feelings of hopefulness and optimism, even inside admissions of loneliness. The goal all along had been to make a fun record, the kind of thing you’d put on during a long road trip with friends. The ramshackle rock of ”Yard Sale" offers up another dose of the band’s characteristic brand of sly humor, of a type that would not be unfamiliar for fans of The Replacements, while songs like "Another Ticket on the Windshield,” “String of Pearls,” and ”Someone’s Gonna Love Me Again" find some beauty in urban desperation.

It Can Always Get Worse is a record that could quietly insert itself into many listeners’ own association with feelings of hope and emotional fortitude, despite not exactly hitting one over the head with cloying appeals to the heartstrings. It’s a charmer that just might wind up being a big part of life’s latest soundtrack. Available in a limited single-disc gatefold sleeve vinyl LP edition with a digital download code, and on all major digital distribution platforms.


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