Jada Vance – Rear View Revival

Labels: BenSong Entertainment / GrassRoots Promotion
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 3:31
Formats: Country
Available Date & Time: September 14, 2018 08:38 AM ET
Country: USA

Jada Vance doesn’t consider herself a victim, but she has survived some rough times in recent years—from bullying to bad relationships to the tragic loss of her father in a drug-related suicide.

Now the 22-year-old singer/songwriter (and former American Idol contestant) is putting the past behind her and moving full-speed ahead with her new single, "Rear View Revival," the title track from a forthcoming EP.

"Life can be a long, twisted backroad / Make you lose your way / When you run into a crossroad / Drop to your knees and pray…"

"I feel like it’s sort of my new anthem," Vance says. "It talks about putting your hands in the air and leaving the bad stuff behind. I’ve had to hit my knees several times and pray to God that he will help me move forward."

Vance has opened for the likes of Travis Tritt, Clare Dunn, Rodeo Romance, Little Texas and the late Daryle Singletary. Other credits include performances at Fort Campbell, Kentucky; the State Fair of West Virginia; Applefest (Franklin, Pennsylvania); Trop Casino (Greeneville, Mississippi) and elsewhere.

Vance’s first significant experience as a singer was on Season 12 of American Idol at age 16. She did not make it to the finals, but the show taught her two things: how little she knew about the music business, and the fact that she wanted to be a professional singer for the rest of her life.

"Before Idol, most of my singing was just karaoke, but seeing how hard the other contestants worked opened my eyes to what it takes to be successful," she says. "I learned about stage presence and the importance of songwriting and having the right team of people working with you."

Since then, Vance has spent a lot of time co-writing with other artists like Megan Golden and Mark Narmore, performing as much as possible, and releasing three previous singles. However, she considers "Rear View Revival" to be among her best and most personal.

"This is me, putting my life out in front of the public, moving forward and growing instead of dwelling on the past."

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