J. Monty – 7 Nights

Labels:Essential Sound
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:04:20
From the Album:7 Nights
Formats:CHR Pop,Top 40
Available Date & Time: Aug 31 2018 11:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Sep 17 2018 00:00:00

J. Monty

“7 Nights”

Impacting Radio Now

Essential Sound presents “7 Nights, the new single from hip-hop maven, J. Monty. “7 Nights” is the first single from his upcoming EP, 21 Gold St, a 5-song collection that details his personal transition from a life of darkness, to owning his faith in God. The heartfelt “7 Nights,” which J. Monty co-wrote with Ki'shon Furlow, features a bouncing beat as the backdrop for an appeal to always look for the silver lining in the daily grind.

Born Jordan Montgomery, he grew up just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, which became one of the epicenters of the hip-hop genre during his primitive years. He studied hip-hop greats such as Eminem and Andre 3000, but realized his potential as an artist after working with his uncle as a teenager. After deciding against a formal education, Monty began devoting his time towards his rap career. After almost losing his life during a tragic event, he submitted his life to God. He began studying scriptures and attending church, saying the following about that experience: “It was very clear to me that this was the God of the Bible. His son was Jesus and I needed to figure out how to share his story with the world and so I started doing that in the best way I could.”

J. Monty has gone on to strengthen his relationship with God by not only incorporating it into his music, but also immersing himself into ministry. “7 Nights” is a product of his spiritual journey. Your listeners will not be disappointed!

“7 Nights” is currently going for adds. Click the image below to see the music video.


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