iinvad3 – Mix it up

Labels:SeaQ Management
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:37
From the Album:Mix it up
Available Date & Time: Jun 05 2020 09:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Jun 05 2020 00:00:00

About iinvad3


A cultural synthesis will conclude in a burst of artistry and imagination. iinvad3 (pronounced "eye-invade") comprises Haitian Lynx and Jamaican J Glory, both from the melting pot of Broward County, Florida. Their upbringing is evident in their unparalleled styles of trap, R&B, pop, and Miami bass. Lynx and J Glory met by chance through a mutual friend in 2007 while working on individual projects. Ever since they realized that their positive messages and panoramic genres matched, they have been inseparable and impossible not to root for.


It was only recently that they decided to take music seriously and refine their distinctive sound. iinvad3 aspires to be relevant and candid while also entertaining and lively- their music is truly meant for everyone.


About the song


Gold chains, gold rims, gold grills, and golden girls monopolize the exuberant sound by iinvad3, "Mix It Up." Picture the ideal Friday night: the club is popping, pockets are filled with Benjamins, and the love of your life (for the night) appears. In this energetic track, Lynx and J Glory break down their outright lit after hours. The song takes place at a car show filled with vintage classics and posh modern riders. The song fuses dance and rap; during the breakdown, Lynx instructs listeners to follow a suave dance routine. iinvad3 keeps things lighthearted and laid back; "Mix It Up" is the perfect example of the good energy we all need in life, especially during difficult times. 


Antareo Johnson


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