Hayley Sales – I Don’t Believe

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Hayley Sales
"I Don't Believe" 

Written by Hayley Sales Produced by Hayley Sales & Richard Sales

Impacting everywhere 4/22


Hayley Sales was born into an incredibly artistic family; her mother being a dancer and writer, her father a musician and sound engineer Richard Sales (Miles Davis, The Grateful Dead, The Ramones), who operated Glasswing Studios out of the upper floor of their Washington D.C home. “I was surrounded by music at all hours of the day. All types of music. I remember the melodies and beats rattling the floorboards. My childhood had a soundtrack filled up with everything from R&B and jazz to rock and Motown.” For many recording sessions, Sales would sit on the console and watch. 

Fast forward to the present. In 2006 Sales entered the studio and recorded a full length demo album which she released on her own label, Drifter Records, at the age of 17. Not long after, Sales was signed by Randy Lennox to Universal Music Canada. Her first album, Sunseed, was released in 2007, with singles ‘What You Want’ and ‘Keep Drivin’ landing in the Canadian Top 40 and on the charts in both Australia and Japan. Sales’ infectious melodies and romantic, mesmerizing vocals struck a unique chord with audiences across the world.  In 2008, she won Best Mainstream Artist at The Canadian Radio Music Awards. Her sophomore album, featuring guest appearances by G Love and Donavon Frankenreiter, When The Bird Became a Book, was released in 2012. The music video for ‘Just Pretend’, directed by Josh Forbes (The Fray, Sarah Bareilles) generated over five million views within three weeks of its release. During this time, Sales received a Juno for her part in Young Artists For Haiti and toured with INXS, The Spice Girls, Jason Mraz, Feist, Gavin DeGraw, among others. Recently, ‘More Than You Know’ and ‘When The Wind Blows,’ both tracks off her second record, were added to official Spotify playlists.

Sales decided to go independent for her third record, raising money through Pledge Music to begin recording. The record was self-penned, co-produced with her dad, Richard Sales, mixed by Michael Brauer (Electric Lady Studios), and featured string and horn arrangements by Carl Marsh (Etta James, James Brown, Stax Volt). In 2016, nearing the completion of “The Misadventures,” Sales signed with a major label in the US. But less than a month after she delivered the master, due to a series of changes within the label and its parent company, the finished record was shelved. To this day, the major label will not allow her to buy back her masters. 

In 2018, Sales received a recording grant from Creative BC and she quickly jumped back into the studio. Taking on the role of producer, editor, engineer and songwriter, Sales is wrapping up an 18 song album. “I am incredibly excited about this next album,” she says. “Over the past couple years, I have been so humbled by rejection and disappointment, so battered down to nothing, I’ve realized that the only thing of true importance, the only thing that really matters to me, is to make music that presses out the edges out of my heart…to make music that strips me naked, exposes the most breakable parts of myself, and hopefully in doing so, helps a listener feel less alone…and to be honest, makes me feel the same.  Someone once told me ‘If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what songs would you sing?’ Well, this record is just that. I’m putting everything I am into it. Having so much of myself torn to shreds, so much heartbreak and frustration; it is my solace.”     


*Jason Mraz  – Australian Blues & Roots Tour

*Donavon Frankenreiter – Japan/ US/ Australia

*Gavin DeGraw – European Tour

*The Cat Empire – Australia, UK, Europe, USA

*INXS – Canada

*G Love and Special Sauce –  USA, Australia

*Jack Johnson

*Ben Harper

*Angus and Julia Stone 

*The Spice Girls – New York, New York

*Feist – Canada

*Bedouin Soundclash – Canada

*Justin Nozuka  – Canada

*Magic! – Canada 

*Fuji Rock Festival – Headlining

*Vancouver Folk Festival – Headlining

*The Beautiful Girls – Australia, Canada




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