Hayley Marsten – Coming Home

Labels: Independent
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 3:45
Available Date & Time: September 2, 2018 06:00 PM ET
Country: Canada

Hayley Marsten has released her new single ‘Coming Home’, taken from her EP ‘Lonestar’ (out now).  ‘Coming Home’ was produced by Matt Fell (Shane Nicholson, Fanny Lumsden, John Williamson) at Love Hz Studios and follows the success of her previous release, ‘Money Can’t Buy Class’, which has now spent 15 weeks in the Kix Country Hottest 20 Charts.  

While ‘Money Can’t Buy Class’ was a tongue-in-cheek message to one particular hater, ‘Coming Home’ tackles something extremely close to Hayley’s heart – her parents’ divorce when she was just 13-years-old. She sings about what it was like to be a child of divorce – "I remember home, as my mother crying," – and reflects on how it really affected her, ten years later, as a young woman.

Hayley knew the song was something special when she wrote it, but felt like she couldn’t move forward with it due to its personal nature. A few months later she attended the DAG Songwriter’s Retreat and was paired up with Lyn Bowtell, a six-time Golden Guitar winner and the track’s co-writer, who helped Hayley figure out exactly what she wanted to say. The result is an emotional journey through Hayley’s past and her belief, as a young teenager, that "lies and marriage go hand-in-hand."

‘Coming Home,’ Hayley says, "is the song from Lonestar I get the most messages about. People come up to me after gigs to tell me they identify with it or that it made them cry." It’s rare for a song to move people to tears and Hayley is forever grateful for people sharing their own stories, believing "it’s extra special for that to happen on such a personal song."

While Hayley has been understandably nervous about releasing a track like this, she has always known it’s something she’d eventually write about. "It just had to be the right time," she said, "and the right co-write as it turns out. Country music really is about three chords and the truth, and this is mine."

Be sure to catch Hayley Marsten performing alongside Arna Georgia on their ‘Tour With No Name’ in a town near you:

Wednesday 12th September – Some Velvet Morning (w/Arna Georgia)

Thursday 13th September – Bayview Country Art Club – Bittern (w/Arna Georgia)

Friday 14th September – Music Man Megastore – Bendigo (w/Arna Georgia)

Saturday 15th September – Commercial Hotel – Terang (w/Arna Georgia)

Sunday 16th September – The Loft – Warnambool (w/Arna Georgia)

Saturday 29th September – The Milk Factory – Brisbane (supporting Imogen Clark)

Friday 26th October – Willy Ed’s – Gladstone (w/Arna Georgia)

Saturday 27th October – Saleyards – Rockhampton (w/Arna Georgia)

Sunday 28th October – Captain Cook Caravan Park – 1770 (w/Arna Georgia)

Thursday 1st November – The Green Owl – Brisbane (w/Arna Georgia)

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