Greek Fire – I Do

Labels:WITHYN Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:05
From the Album:I Do
Available Date & Time: May 20 2019 09:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: May 20 2019 00:00:00

Greek Fire



“I have had five power testing hits from Greek Fire. You guys have been sleeping on Greek Fire.  Play ‘I Do’ once and tell me I’m wrong.” ~Tommy Mattern, PD KPNT St. Louis



From the din of sweaty rock clubs to the grandeur of blockbuster films, Greek Fire’s ethos and ambition transcend boundaries. Over the years, the St. Louis-based trio (formed in 2008 by singer/guitarist Philip “Moon” Sneed [formerly of Story of the Year], bassist Mark Joseph Roth, and drummer Johnny Venus) have built a reputation for delivering visceral, cinematic rock bursting with soaring melodies and even higher hopes – along with a mesmerizing live show that’s made Greek Fire a worldwide must-see act. “If the band lasts for 20 years, I want it to represent every emotion you experience in 20 years,” Moon says. “I want it to be found at times, lost at times, broken at times; in love at times, in lust at times; heartbroken, devastated, overjoyed. I just want this band to represent life.”


30 million YouTube spins

15 Spotify streams

featured in Disney’s BIG HERO 6 trailer

headlining KPNT’s Pointfest May 25th

10,000 combined FM spins to date




WITHYN Records

John Lenac – ***.***.**** – ****@******.***



Dave Downey – ***.***.**** – ****@******.***

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