Gold Frankincense & Myrrh – It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:18
From the Album:It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Formats:Active Rock,Christian CHR,Christian Hot AC,Holiday,Mainstream Rock,Metal
Available Date & Time: Nov 01 2019 00:05:00 EDT
Impact Date: Oct 31 2019 00:00:00

Enjoy our cover of "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year":





If you enjoy the melodic content of Paramore, and the character themes of Slipknot, then you have found the perfect matchup in GFM.  The three sisters of GFM basically came out of the womb playing music; they really had the screaming perfected back then.  They started taking music lessons around the age of five, and all three ended up falling in love with music.  As they grew up, they decided that they wanted to pursue this love for music professionally, and have been putting blood, sweat, and lots of tears (girls amiright?) into creating a business and career out of GFM.  The most important goal of GFM is to use their gifts to reach people for God and to always spread a positive message.  The stage is their home, and they want to share their home with their fans.

GFM is not your average teenage girl band… they’re sisters for crying out loud.  And no, they’re not a Christmas band.  GFM really got things going on their first trip to Nashville.  There, they recorded their first album Identity Crisis and started honing in on their skills and discovering who they wanted to be.  A year later, the girls got their first shot at touring.  GFM got to meet so many fans across the U.S. and created even more.  The demand was so strong for GFM, that they went out again the following year on another U.S. tour.  Germany then decided they wanted a taste of GFM and brought the girls over in 2018.  GFM was met with thousands of loving fans and ended up being a festival favorite.

With their music, GFM wants to show that women and young people can play music.  Music can be encouraging and not just negative.  GFM is breaking boundaries in so many areas of the music industry, and in doing so, they are bringing life back to rock and metal.  The girls want to show the growth they’ve experienced through their music.  They believe in being open with the fans and showing them the worst and best sides of themselves.  They hope to encourage the listeners, help them keep fighting as they are not alone, and they wish to help others become more established in their faith.

​         GFM comes alive on any stage presented to them.  Their favorite thing about playing is the response of the crowd.  The way that everyone gets lost in the music mesmerizes them, and the power to control the actions of a room full of people excites them.  Beyond the stage, the coolest thing to GFM about shows is the openness of the fans and the impact that their music is able to have on its listeners.  They are overjoyed any time a fan explains their life-changing story, especially if they were encouraged by the girls’ music.  GFM loves getting to know the fans beyond their social media tag.

​         GFM is for fans of A Day to Remember, Butcher Babies, and Flyleaf.

         GFM created their own genre, why? Because they can: BEAUTYCORE

         Well now you know a little more about GFM.  Are they any good?  I don’t know, you be the judge:

GFM has shared the stage with artists such as Motionless in White, Breaking Benjamin, Thousand Foot Krutch, Demon Hunter, A Day To Remember, Disturbed, Halestorm, Chelsea Grin, All That Remains, and Drowning Pool. 

A few of their touring highlights include the Axes & Anchors Cruise 2016, Summer RockFest Tour 2017, Soul Fest 2017, Showdown Fest 2018, Summer RockFest Tour 2018, Rock Fest 2018 (Cadott, WI), Loud & Proud Fest 2018 and 2019 (Germany), Metal in the Mountains 2019, AudioFeed 2019, and Lifest 2019.

Their song “Graveyard of Identities” was #6 on Billboard CHR Charts, their song “On The Inside” was #9 on the Billboard CHR Charts.

Welcome to the resistance; we have been waiting for you

Follow GFM on all social media sites @thegfmband and on all digital download/streaming sites @ Gold Frankincense & Myrrh. Booking information is available by contacting Cindy English at NBR Entertainment at (***)-***-**** or at **********@*****.***.  All other correspondence should be sent to GFM, 450 State Road 13 N Suite 106, Jacksonville, FL 32259, USA.



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ISRC Code: usl4q1913645

CJ Sanders English – ASCAP #4728890

Magdalene Rose English – ASCAP #4728892

Evie Louise English – ASCAP #4728893

All with Publishing Company – GOLD FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH (GFM) – ASCAP #797299559

Damien Joel Starkey – ASCAP #346575340


Original Writers:

Eddie Pola – Barnaby Music Corp

George Wyle – Barnaby Music Corp


Cindy English

NBR Entertainment




IHS Promotions – Donna Del Sesto



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