Faces of Play MPE®: Pete Aganon, Manager of Tech Support

PeteWith soft-spoken warmth, a calm demeanor, and infectious chuckle, Play MPE®’s Manager of Tech Support Pete Aganon is a natural fit for the job that he clearly loves. We’re a bit concerned that he doesn’t sleep, but his tirelessness is a huge boon to Play MPE® and our valued customers, who are able to reach Pete in a pinch with all manner of questions and needs. Tending to customers night and day with an audible smile, it’s fair to say Aganon makes Play MPE® feel like Play MPETE!

Pete joined Play MPE® five years ago, having immigrated from The Philippines to Canada in 2005 to become a permanent resident. We spoke with him about life at Play MPE®, computer geekery, and music.

So Pete, how did you end up at Play MPE®?
I arrived here in Vancouver in September of 2005. When I arrived here, I worked at Walmart for 3 months then after three months, got accepted at a call center to a tech support job spending 2 years working for Microsoft MSN and 2 years working for BestBuy’s Geeksquad. The call center management decided to relocate to Missouri so all employees were laid off. I tried to apply for several jobs and got employed here at Destiny Media Technologies under the Play MPE® department. I’m the point person for all Play MPE® Player related issues and some Play MPE® Encoder related issues. I also do list management stuff and also set up release/s from time to time.

List management must be an undertaking!
Yes! We have to make sure that all station PD’s and MD’s are listed. Every day, there is someone to update.

When you were a kid, were you a computer nerd? Is it a natural that you ended up in tech support?
When I was young, yeah. I played around with the computer a lot. I think I started using a computer when I was 8 or 7 years old. Back then, you had to memorize commands very different now where you have a nice interface. Also, a computer back then was huge — like a cabinet!! I also have a degree in Computer Engineering. My education and experience working at a call center helped me get this job.

It must be much more fun at Play MPE®!
Yeah, ’cause for Play MPE®, we’re only supporting 2 programs, the Play MPE® Player and Play MPE® Encoder. Before, basically you’re troubleshooting the computer so any programs installed on the computer. It’s way easier here compared to the one before! One of the perks of working here is you’re able to listen to new music, sometimes music that is not even released. How cool is that?

What’s an example of a particularly gnarly situation you needed to handle in support and were able to resolve?
There was a time before when we still were using the old player: I was on the phone with a user for I think an hour troubleshooting with him to fix a login problem, only to find out the problem was the date and time on the computer was incorrect! (chuckles) But no one will think of that, so it’s causing the problem!

There’s a running joke in the halls of Play MPE® that you do not sleep, given your availability to answer customers at wonky hours. Can you prove you close your eyes for regular stretches daily? Do you dream of releases and the encoder?
(Laughs) Yeah, sometimes, ‘cause I’m an early riser. Sometimes I also sleep late. Most of the time before I go to sleep or when I wake up in the morning, I check my email and our help desk and answer all that requires urgent attention even if is weekend. It feels good when a user replies and it feels good to help someone right away instead of waiting until the next day. Also, I want to make sure that every call/email is a first call/email resolution.

Being surrounded by music all day, is there are a particular artist that you listen to most on your limited off hours?
Usually alternative, new stuff. My favorite artists would probably be Imagine Dragons and American Authors.

 What’s your favorite part of the gig?
I think being able to assist or help users. It’s a good feeling especially if you are able to fix it right away and they commend you for a job well done. It’s a very nice feeling.

What you’re saying about Pete:
– Pete is one of the best support representatives that I have ever encountered…Take care of this individual… I was being a very cranky person & instead  of just blowing me off (as I expected & rightly so) He went the extra mile & made me a happy Play MPE® user again…
– Pete, thanks, wish everyone was as helpful as you!
– Great customer service and better tell the boss you deserve a raise!

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