Faces of Play MPE: Kultar Chohan

Newest member of the Play MPE family Kultar Chohan spoke eagerly about his arrival and his role as Account Executive.  A native of Ontario, Kultar got his undergrad in math and physics, ultimately realizing his true knack was for business, but noting the one consistent in his life has been music. “When I was a kid I played in a bunch of concert bands and symphonic bands. I played drums for about 10 years. When I was in university I was a DJ, so I had residencies around town playing my favorite electronic dance music. In Toronto I played at a handful of clubs and some events as well. From there I went on to producing and making music on my own and working with a few local artists here and there. My passion, my hobby, was always music.”

Kultar’s career trajectory has subsequently been one of marrying that juxtaposition of his passion for music and that knack for sales. “My career path was always through the corporate sales ladder. I went from company to company until I was at a startup just before this job called Foodee, where I went into sales management a little bit. And then from there I stumbled upon an opening here at Play MPE that was for a different position. It was for a data entry position but I just knew that the company was involved in music and I have been trying to break into the music business any way I could. So I found that opportunity and I ended up being overqualified for it, I think, but they still conversed with me because they liked my passion and my drive for sales. There was a potential opening here in business development so they took a chance on me and I haven’t looked back since.”

We spoke about what drove that trajectory, and where Kultar may have predicted his career taking him as a kid. “It was really more of a journey. I didn’t really know for a long time, but I always did love music. So, I at first I became a DJ, and it was during the rise of electronic music, so I was like I could totally do this for a living. I want to be a touring DJ. So that’s when I started picking up producing and started making beats. I realized quickly that it wasn’t overly sustainable so then I guess I followed a combination of the stereotypical path of getting a good job at a good company, and the path of following your passion, your hobby. I always tried to keep a balance of the two for the most part. So, I always pursued my passion while being realistic with my career choices. I finally was able to combine the two… finding Play MPE was just a perfect fit.”

When he’s not enjoying that perfect fit, Kultar can be found spending some of his downtime gaming and adventuring. “I used to play video games at a professional level. I play video games quite a bit still, but then there’s the obvious stuff. I love to hike and get outdoors as much as possible. And then I go to as many concerts as I possibly can. I think my count this year is close to 30 or 40 concerts so far including festivals. And I still make music as much as I can as that’s always been in me, that drive to create.”

Welcome aboard, Kultar!

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