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Music lovers, all of us, we can all put ourselves back in that crowded venue, during that perfect encore, during our favorite song.  Wishing we could return to it again and again.   Back in the day, that meant geekily scouring obscure catalogs of muddy, poor quality bootlegs…perhaps feeling a bit guilty about the contra band. More recently, we would eat up hard drive space, bit torrenting our way into the wee hours of the morning, trying to find that Dylan cover Robyn Hitchcock and Peter Buck played in Boston. Well, I have anyway. Still searching.

I’m wishing Exit Live was around that night in April, 2013.

The company has launched a platform for artist and fans– delivering live music to nearly anyone, anywhere.  Founded by tech gurus and music fans (our kinda peeps), Exit Live is available in every country but just these four:  North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan and Timor-Leste.

Guaranteeing artists 80% of sales the moment fans make a purchase, the company aims to provide a secure and morally sound route for artists, bands, and other ensembles to share their recorded works and still maintain control of their music and sales.

Founder of Exit Live Giorgio Serra says, “Right from the very beginning we have built Exit Live from the artist’s point of view. Artist first, always, Giorgio Serra, founder of Exit Live says.  “It’s a passion for everyone involved and it’s about making a change for all artists. It’s been a labor of love for all of us involved and we want to empower artists and make sure that they are rewarded transparently, properly and when they choose.  There are many negative issues when it comes to artists being compensated properly. We want to change this and I hope that Exit Live will be a positive step in that direction”.

They’ve cut out the long wait for distributors, promising a record “as the last verse of an encore is still being heard.”  The platform isn’t just for sweaty club shows.  Classical enthusiasts have a new means to hear current works for their favorite performers, perfect accompaniment to a Sunday evening making dinner.

British Mezzo-Soprano Dame Sarah Connolly says, “So many people tell me how sad they are to miss x, y & z concert. Exit Live will provide them (and me) with the chance of sharing concerts in places not covered by radio stations. I would encourage artists and Festivals to get on board.”

An equally ringing endorsement comes from the equally esteemed conductor Suzi Digby OBE. “Exit Live is an innovative platform that all artists and ensembles can use successfully, providing their audiences with concert recordings quickly and at a price that is decided by the artist. The ability to receive payment immediately and with such good favorable rates for the artist, I can foresee Exit Live becoming a trusted part of our audience engagement”.

Think peeps can help me with that April 24, 2013 Paradise show?

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