Edition Records – Label Sampler (January – April 2020)

Labels:Edition Records
Number of Tracks:14
Total Time:01:26:00
From the Album:Label Sampler (January – April 2020)
Available Date & Time: Feb 25 2020 08:00:00 EST

Elliot Galvin – Live in Paris, At Fondation Louis Vuitton – released 24th January 2020

Recorded live in concert at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris in April 2018, this album distills Elliot’s vision into its purest form, demonstrating once again that he is one of the most exciting contemporary pianists alive today, and able to travel effortlessly across a broad spectrum of acoustic and electronic musical settings.


Pablo Held – Ascent – released 7th February 2020

Pablo Held’s new album, Ascent, his second for Edition Records, is a collaboration between his long-running trio (with bassist, Robert Landfermann and drummer, Jonas Burgwinkel) and the great Brazilian guitarist Nelson Veras. Regarded as one of the most talented and adventurous pianists and improvisors in Europe, Pablo Held is building a formidable reputation, not only as a pianist of outstanding ability but also for his considerable musicality, energy and risk-taking. Ascent is highly anticipated new album, following their 10th album Investigations, praised internationally for its remarkable quality, deep communication and lyrical elegance, prompting All About Jazz to describe the group as “a world-class trio of exceptional talent”. The new album is a deeply satisfying fusion of the powerful and expressive music associated with Pablo Held’s trio and the fluid invention of Nelson Veras’s guitar stylings.


Ivo Neame & Jim Hart – Multiverse – released 21st February 2020

Multiverse is the debut album from two of Europe’s leading Jazz instrumentalists and most original composers. Marking a significant step up for the duo in its long history, both Ivo Neame and Jim Hart employ their vast experience of playing together for over 15 years in many different guises that sees their duo take a huge leap forward. Produced by Matt Calvert, Multiverse is multifaceted, full of colour and vibrancy and an esteemed reflection of two long term collaborators in their prime.


Jasper Høiby – Planet B – released 6th March 2020

Jasper Høiby releases his new solo project and album in March 2020 with a monumental ambition, vision and message and kick starts the release of an arc of four albums over the next five years. Each album focuses on four global topics of vital importance – Humanity, Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence and Monetary Reform. Planet B, the project title and title of the first album, is a mix of deep, evocative, thought-provoking voice samples, loops, held together with the open, majestic interplay of three deeply intuitive and creative musicians – Jasper Høiby, saxophonist Josh Arcoleo & drummer Marc Michel.


Tineke Postma – Freya – released 20th March 2020

Freya is the seventh album from Dutch saxophonist Tineke Postma. Her first since 2014, Freya is a come-back album as a leader. Following an acclaimed international career, including work with legends Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, Tineke’s Freya represents a fresh start with a new label, reinvigorated energy and an exciting band that is collectively inspired by the experiences she has gathered throughout her career. Together with trumpeter Ralph Alessi, bassist Matt Brewer, drummer Dan Weiss and featuring pianist Kris Davis, Tineke makes music that is adventurous, empowering and full of risk-taking.


Kurt Elling – Secrets Are The Best Stories – released 3rd April 2020

Secrets Are The Best Stories is the new album from acclaimed vocalist and Grammy-winning artist Kurt Elling featuring renowned pianist Danilo Pérez. Released on the British label, Edition Records, this vibrant and adventurous new album not only marks a vital new collaboration between two of the greats in the music but is an album that confirms Kurt Elling as the male vocalist of his generation – one who has the presence, the message and the artistic vision to stand out from the rest.


Rob Luft – Life Is The Dancer – released 17th April 2020

British guitarist Rob Luft returns with Life Is The Dancer, his second album following his acclaimed debut Riser (2017). With the same line-up, Life Is The Dancer confirms all the praise and promise of an artist of the moment and commands attention for its brilliance and originality. Rob Luft is a superstar in the making – a virtuoso, a band-leader, a composer of vibrant, original music and a captivating communicator. Life Is The Dancer is an eagerly awaited and anticipated release from a future star. 





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