Duley Trucc – 10 Raccs

Labels:Dre Muzik LLC
Number of Tracks:2
Total Time:00:07:02
From the Album:10 Raccs
Available Date & Time: Nov 12 2019 00:00:00 EST
Impact Date: n/a

Duley Trucc is taking “10 Racks” and much more with him
into 2020 – check him out here
15 JANUARY 2020

Duley Trucc, originally born Tevin Speights, is a hip hop rapper from Conway, SC. He gained
major popularity after releasing a number of singles and projects and continues to grab the
attention of label executives even today. With awards under his belt from his hometown of
South Carolina to even getting in the rooms with label executives, Duley Trucc is prepared to
take his single “100 Racks” on a promotional tour in addition to prepping for his eight-track EP
titled 83 Days set to release in the next few months.

It’s not every day a rapper out of South Carolina makes noise, and with his philanthropy efforts
mixed with his consistent music releases, there’s no wonder why he’s at the top of the list of
rising South Carolina rappers.

With the project release quickly approaching in addition to the release of his single “100 Racks”,
keep an eye out as the promotional tour will be kicking off at a number of venues in Georiga,
South Carolina and further radio stations and outlets.

Listen to Duley Trucc’s latest release “100 Racks” here and be sure to follow him on Instagram

Written by: American, Tevin Speights

Performed by: American, Hip hop, Duley Trucc

Available to: Stream / Download / Add to Library / Burn CD
Listen:  www.youtu.be/RZS52y0XGf4

Attachment: Biography

Music: 100%

Artist:  100%

Production:  0%

Lyrics: 100%

Marketing Label: Dre Muzik Group



Rene Mosley
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