Doctor Pheabes – Army of the Sun” Album Sampler

Labels:Doctor Pheabes
Number of Tracks:5
Total Time:00:18:29
From the Album:Army of the Sun” Album Sampler
Available Date & Time: Nov 25 2019 18:39:00 EST

Doctor Pheabes
Army of the Sun Album Sampler

Introducing Doctor Pheabes

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, 2019 marks a new chapter for Doctor Pheabes – Eduardo Parrillo (vocals), Fernando Parrillo (guitar), Fabio Ressio (bass) and Paulo Ressio (drums) – as the band’s recently-released third album, Army of the Sun, builds upon the growing story of this South American secret.  

Having already released previous albums in their homeland, Doctor Pheabes has also shared the concert stage with some of the biggest bands and as part of the best-known festivals, including Monsters of Rock in 2013, opening act for Guns N 'Roses (2014), Black Sabbath (2016) and The Rolling Stones (2016); coming back to the Monsters of Rock in 2015, and performing at Lollapalooza in 2015 and 2017 and Rock in Rio in 2017.

Army of the Sun is a diverse album of Metal and melodic Rock, including standout tracks such as “Here to Stay,” “Better Off Alone” (the first single and certainly the most iconic composition of the record), “Your Love Is Mine,” "Rebel Riders," and the title track, "Army Of The Sun" that has brought new horizons to the group and opened doors for new fans.

Now ready to conquer the United States and North America, Doctor Pheabes is here and ready to treat your airwaves and listeners with their high octane music.    


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