Diamonds and Whiskey – Keep On Keepin’ On

Labels:Diamonds and Whiskey Music
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:04:03
From the Album:Keep On Keepin’ On
Formats:Classic Hits,Classic Rock
Available Date & Time: Aug 26 2020 13:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Aug 28 2020 00:00:00



North Carolina native Jennifer Lauren is a multi-talented musician, vocalist, and songwriter with a drive and passion for music like no other. Starting with piano at age 4 and discovering her vocal abilities at age 8, she began her early days exploring traditional hymns and receiving classical training as a first soprano. With her enchanting voice and eloquence on keys, her prowess as a songwriter began to manifest itself in 2014.  Taking influences from a multitude of artists and genres, such as Dolly Parton, Heart, Tori Amos, Rob Thomas, and even Eminem, she has cultivated a sound and style that is as unique and refreshing as the woman herself.  It is her story-telling that sets her and the music apart.  The lyrics are earned, as her story is one of heartache, strength, and overcoming all obstacles. She is the driving force behind Diamonds and Whiskey.

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About the song:

"Keep On Keepin' On" is a story about temptation and perseverance. In finding our way, there will be obstacles that present themselves in familiar and unfamiliar forms.Sometimes we end up searching for the answers at the wrong places, and we flee from that with or without logic or direction. Sometimes open doors become closed. In the end, the will to move forward is the key to survival. KOKO embodies those ideals while touching on a journey of struggle and knowledge to be gained.


Career Highlights:

SW20 Best Overall Performance Winner at the South Wales Virtual Music Festival on Facebook.

Virtual Livestream on the first web country radio in Italy

Diamonds and Whiskey Finalist South Wales FULL band set for SW20 Spring Virtual Music Festival Awards.

Top 10 Finalist for World Songwriting Awards “Muddy Water” Best Modern Country Song Winter 2020.

“Muddy Water” #1 on EUROacm (Europe Academy Country Music)

“Muddy Water” Top 15 on SheWolfRadio Online Female Radio Station.

“Muddy Water” TOP 15 on S. Detroit Rock Charts Spider Web Radio.

“Muddy Water” Nominated for single of the year at the Carolina Country Music Awards.

“Sugarstick” TOP 20 EuroACM.

“Muddy Water” Radio Indie Alliance Top 15 (Australia)

“Muddy Water” has been requested 40,000 times at New Zealand FM radio station Galaxy FM 107.

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PR: Paige Gregory l Gregory PR, LLC l ************@*****.*** l (406) 679 – 1968

Booking: Liz Gregory l Liz Gregory Talent l **************@***.*** l (615) 414 – 3498

Management: Eddie Z l Playroom Management l **************@*******.*** l (704) 258 – 1741



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