David Vaters – Volume 2 – A Voice in the Wilderness by David Vaters

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From the Album:Volume 2 – A Voice in the Wilderness by David Vaters
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“Where has this guy been?”
… is quite an appropriate phrase when it comes to singer songwriter David Vaters.

Infusing Americana, Rock & Gospel music with elements of alternative country, Vaters has quickly defined himself as a wholly unique talent quite unlike any other act in the music industry. Vaters is currently being played on both christian and secular stations including BBC radio, Sky 1 Radio in the UK and hundreds of radio stations in the USA.

Vaters defies the norm with his genre-spanning style as a song writer has landed him on a number of notable charts and critical acclaim!

Vaters also defies the norm in the current Christian Music Industry today with his street level non church speak lyrics had really is refreshing to both believers and non-believers.

Infusing both Americana and Country music with elements of alternative country and pop/rock, Vaters has quickly defined himself as a wholly unique talent quite unlike any other act in the music industry.” -CashBox Magazine Dec 2018

David Vaters solo style presents an intriguing mix of Americana/folk rock with a vocal delivery that would sit with Springsteen and a younger Bob Dylan. Having listened to the collection several times,  it has become apparent that David delivers something quite unique, the capacity to draw the listener in where they are, while encouraging them to contemplate and be challenged.” –Music Critic Stephen Luff for CrossRhythms.co.uk

Volume 1 achieved millions music streams on digital music platforms within just 12 months. From his #1 worldwide Christian music position on ReverbNation to charting on iTunes rock charts in Australia and Mexico, Vaters has proved his relevance as anointed talent with a timely message to take note of. Volume 2 now as already hit millions of streams and views!

Notably, David's Music Video's have acheived some of the highest viewer numbers on GodTube!


Despite these two recent collections of music marking Vaters’ solo debut, he’s anything but green. The veteran performer and songwriter honed his skills for many years recording on both sides of the Atlantic. Now on his own, Vaters has called upon colleagues to help his creative vision unfold.

CCM Magazine featured David in an interview recently describing him as, – Something new, all over again! His albums have been rated 4.25 stars by the editor of CCM Magazine!

As Jamsphere.com recently stated, “A Voice In The Wilderness Volume 1” may be the best, most influential debut Americana album produced by any independent musician in the past decade, if not longer.

Huffington Post, stated, “David's music is creative and original, suffused with an ardent spiritual awareness rare in today’s music industry.”

‘Volume 2’ of A Voice in the Wilderness boasts most of the same impressive line-up as its predecessor, a collaboration that had critics calling ‘Volume 1’ “nothing if not mature, deftly crafted and powerful.” “If this is the first album of his out of the starting blocks, at least in a titular sense, imagine what gems are likely to follow,” raved Dave Franklin Los Angeles The Plug.

Vaters defies the norm, as his genre-spanning style as a song writer has landed him on a number of notable charts both christian and secular. Making David’s music uniquely positioned to be uplifting to believers and non-believers alike.

Volume 2 – A Voice In The Wilderness by David Vaters

By TheFaulknerReview

David Vaters is a singer/songwriter and musician originally from St. John’s Newfoundland in Canada. During his career he has worked with well known musicians and producers such as Andre Wahl (Duran Duran, Sara McLachlan),  Dave Vest (Bob Carlisle), Henri Spinetti (Eric Clapton, Tina Turner), Dave Markee (Eric Clapton) and Dan Cutrona (Joe Cocker, Bee Gees) amongst many others. He regards his influences as legendary singer/songwriters such as Neil Young, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

This album, A Voice In The Wilderness, comprises two volumes and it is his debut release. It features well known Nashville musicians such as Tom Hemby (Vince Gill, Kenny Loggins) on guitars and mandolin, John Hammond (Amy Grant, Vince Gill) on drums and percussion, along with Jeff Cox on bass and David Vest on keyboards. Volume 2 is co-produced with David Vaters & David Vest & Grammy Award Winner Tom Hemby produced Godly Man and Like I’ve Been Born Again. Scott Farris co-produced with David Vaters and David Vest Prepare, Resurrection Day & Service of the King.

Volume 2 opens with another of David’s philosophical songs that contain a lifetime’s experience and wisdom.

Castles In The Sand is about the transitory and ephemeral nature of man’s achievements and how everything we do is only temporary in life.

Second track Forgive is one of his deeply moral songs, about the importance of forgiving those who have wronged you. It was an obvious choice as a single.

Godly Man is one of his more uptempo rock tracks that reiterates his faith, interspersed with moments of mellifluous electric lead guitar and some rather cool vocal effects towards the end.

Brothers of Mine is a poignant song with a minimal but effective musical backdrop, a tale told from the perspective of a homeless man who is helped by others and by finding faith in God. It’s sort of a modern parable, an update of The Good Samaritan.

Prepare is a nice contrast, built around a Sixties-esque picked guitar riff and rich vocal harmonies that brought to mind The Byrd’s circa Younger Than Yesterday.

Talking To God is another song about finding the strength to overcome adversity through prayer and faith, a message which will resonate most with fellow Christians.

Like I’ve Been Born Again single starts out similarly as a piano ballad before breaking into a muscular beat and as the title implies, is about finding redemption through his faith. I enjoyed the lead guitar section that injects drama into the music halfway through.

Service of The King is another single taken from the album, and its easy to see why, with a very radio-friendly sound also featuring gospel-tinged female vocals.

Resurrection Day is musically a bit of a departure, this one an exciting stomp that made me think of Springsteen’s Born To Run album. Lyrically, it’s about the Christian belief that the dead will one day resurrected from the grave at some point, provided they had accepted the Christian doctrines before they died.

The second volume closes with another instrumental, with this one being Talking To God. This version allows the musical beauty of the arrangement to shine and ends the album on a high note.

Overall, this is a highly accomplished and ambitious two-volume album. In an era where the art form of the album is dying out and people’s attention spans grow ever shorter, it’s to his great credit to release a double album as his debut. But his decision has already been vindicated, as it has been streamed in the millions already. For those of faith and those without, David Vaters writes songs that capture the timeless human condition.

VERDICT: 8.6 out of 10

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