David Myles – Kind Of Like It

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From the Album:Kind Of Like It
Available Date & Time: Mar 18 2020 11:39:00 EDT
Impact Date: Mar 23 2020 00:00:00

David Myles

"Kind Of Like It"


from the album


Leave Tonight

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"I’d been listening to so much Dead over the last year and the thing I love most about about them is the sense of fun and curiosity in their music, They explore the great sounds of American music together in a joyful way alongside their audience. I love that. I want to embody that spirit in how we play as a band and how we interact with our fans. So, that’s what this one is about. The joy of ripping together, of living together and sharing that, with all of you. Life may be short and things may be fleeting, but I kind of like it! Hope you dig the track."

– David Myles




Award-winning and critically acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter David Myles might be an undercover musicologist. Within his eclectic artistic continuum, he’s reverentially explored jazz, blues, pop, holiday music, French pop, rockabilly, country, folk, gospel, and even hip-hop. The through line in his 12-album oeuvre has been strong songcraft—no matter what genre, David has never sacrificed substance for style.

Leave Tonight is a milestone entry for a musician who sees his artistry in the big picture.  “I love the approach of Duke Ellington and Willie Nelson where the journey is not linear, and is full of surprises,” David shares. “I let my instincts guide me.”





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