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Available Date & Time: May 23 2019 09:00:00 EDT
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Holy Moly out now on Barsuk Records


"Chris Staples is a gifted storyteller who reveals life's greatest mysteries in humanity's smallest moments." – NPR

Early Love for Holy Moly:

“Seattle musician and former indie-rock frontman Chris Staples recorded his most recent album, Holy Moly, in his garage over the course of a year. But the resulting songs feel more suited to the edge of a cliff.”  – Paste

“…Holy Moly moves through different phases, but ultimately finds reconciliation and happiness.” – CLASH Magazine

“…Holy Moly was pertinently shaped by his new-found sobriety, the process giving him an energy for creativity that had slowing been seeping away over the years.” – Gold Flake Paint

“…ultimately it sides with the belief that human life is full of possibility, a counter to all the holy-moly disbelief that has seeped into our daily culture like a scourge.” – No Recess


Chris Staples, the Seattle-based singer-songwriter, premiered "Holy Moly" at American Songwriter who called it "a sneakily lush rocker, with jagged, angular guitars cleverly layered over strummed acoustic chords, a grooving bass line and a sunny, danceable beat".  "Holy Moly" is the title track to his new album, out now on Barsuk Records, which was announced earlier this month on NPR's All Songs Considered.  Staples just completed a limited run of west coast dates this summer and will make an appearance at the Otis Mountain Get Down Festival in upstate New York this fall along with more shows in the Midwest and east coast.  More dates will be announced shortly. 


High Praise for Chris Staples: 

“If albums are friends, then American Soft by Chris Staples was my closest confidant.” – NPR’s All Song Considered

“Chris Staples’ songs are full of rich narratives and hushed hooks that confirm the old adage that less is more—especially when that less includes poetic lyrics about tornadoes and Pink Floyd.” – PASTE


“He’s an expert in telling someone else’s truth — each song acting like a Band-Aid for all those drunken mistkes, or character flaws we came to know by birth.” – The Bluegrass Situation

“There’s a professional carpenter’s sensibility and determination at work here; one of building things from basic elements by a craftsman who understands the importance of a secure structure and uses that to enhance his artistic discipline.” – American Songwriter


Chris Staples On Tour:

08.14.19 – Hoffman Estates, IL @ Living Room Show
08.15.19 – Chicago, IL @ Living Room Show
08.16.19 – Cincinnati, OH @ Living Room Show
08.17.19 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Living Room Show

09.06.19 – Elizabethtown, NY @ Otis Mountain Get Down
09.07.19 – Portsmouth, NH @ The Music Hall Loft

09.08.19 – Binghamton, NY @ Living Room Show

09.10.19 – New York, NY @ Living Room Show

09.11.19 – Philadelphia, PA @ Living Room Show

09.12.19 – Washington D.C. @ Living Room Show


Tickets for Living Room Shows available at



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