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Chris Staples debuts new single "Holy Moly"

Holy Moly out June 28th on Barsuk Records


Chris Staples, the Seattle-based singer-songwriter, premiered "Holy Moly" at American Songwriter who called it "a sneakily lush rocker, with jagged, angular guitars cleverly layered over strummed acoustic chords, a grooving bass line and a sunny, danceable beat".  "Holy Moly" is the title track to his forthcoming album, out June 28th on Barsuk Records, which was announced earlier this month on NPR's All Songs Considered.  Staples has announced a limited run of west coast dates this summer including an appearance at the Otis Mountain Get Down Festival in upstate New York this fall.  More dates for the midwest and east coast will be announced shortly. 

High Praise for Chris Staples: 

“If albums are friends, then American Soft by Chris Staples was my closest confidant.” – NPR’s All Song Considered

“Chris Staples’ songs are full of rich narratives and hushed hooks that confirm the old adage that less is more—especially when that less includes poetic lyrics about tornadoes and Pink Floyd.” – PASTE


“He’s an expert in telling someone else’s truth — each song acting like a Band-Aid for all those drunken mistkes, or character flaws we came to know by birth.” – The Bluegrass Situation

“There’s a professional carpenter’s sensibility and determination at work here; one of building things from basic elements by a craftsman who understands the importance of a secure structure and uses that to enhance his artistic discipline.” – American Songwriter


"I recorded Holy Moly in my garage all throughout 2018. I would work on it for a few months and walk away. I did this several times. Every time I came back I would have a fresh perspective and find that some of the songs were great and some of them I never wanted to hear again. I would pick the best songs of each two month period and eventually I had a record. In the spring my neighbors started building a house next door and the noise made it impossible to record during the day. I started working only at night from about 10pm until 4am. I was on a vampire’s schedule. I always feel more creative at night so it worked out fine.


I quit drinking in 2018 and it sort of re-sensitized me to life. It reminded me of being a teenager. I used to write lots of songs and poems as a kid, it was how I coped. In my thirties, drinking sort of kept me from having to be inquisitive. Writing wasn’t as important. Since I quit drinking, my evenings are full of thoughts and questions. Writing became more frequent and automatic as I engaged with ideas in this way. There’s a popular notion in the arts that alcohol makes you creative but I’ve found the opposite to be true. Being sober put me back in touch with a creative energy that I had been hiding from for a long time.


My songs are sometimes morose and deal with depressing subject matter. We all carry this darkness around and no one should feel alone with that weight. I want my music to connect with people on that level. Beyond that, what I hope to communicate with Holy Moly is that a human life is full of possibility. There is so much goodness that you can will into existence. I feel like people are resigned to a type of inevitable hopelessness in our culture. Why rule out the possibility that things can get better?


Holy Moly, as an expression, communicates a sort of disbelief. I feel like I see and hear a lot of things these days that I can barely believe. I find myself saying Holy Moly often." – Chris Staples


Chris Staples On Tour:

July 6 – Seattle, WA @ The Holy Moly Circus (record release show)

July 12 – Portland, OR @ House Show

July 13 – Spokane, WA @ House Show

Sept 6  – Elizabethtown, NY @ Otis Mountain Get Down



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