Chilhowee Hills Worship – Thirsty (Radio Edit )

Labels: Chilhowee Hills Worship
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 4:15
From the Album: Thirsty
Formats: Christian Inspo, Christian Praise & Worship
Available Date & Time: March 19, 2013 10:00 AM ET
Country: USA

Going For Immediate Adds

Are you doing something that you can do or are you doing something that if God were to remove his hand immediately you would fall?

That is the question I proposed to our staff one day at staff meeting. Little did I know that God would take that question and birth inside of our worship pastor, David Stewart, a dream that would become a reality.

Thirsty is more than a CD. Thirsty is a movement of merging worship and justice for the glory of God. These 12 songs are the result and heart of our worship leaders being with Jesus and having a desire to change the world. These songs were birthed from sermons, staff meetings, and daily times with the Lord.

With every CD sold, $1 is given to Lifewater International to build wells in Africa. I am so proud of David, our worship pastor and my friend. This CD is played in my car and at my house constantly; it has become the soundtrack for our life. The songs will bless you as you worship Jesus and others will be blessed as you provide clean water for those who desperately need it.

Mark McKeehan
Lead Pastor
Chilhowee Hills Church

PS. To date, we’ve been able to build 3 wells with the proceeds of this album!

Chilhowee HIlls Worship provides balanced worship. From remakes of hymns to modern worship, they are the voice of their community blending young and old, rich and poor, and all ethnicities. "We need to find a way to relate each worship opportunity in a way that is something that considers the diversity in our congregation. That’s what I want to be a part of," says David Stewart, Worship Pastor at Chilhowee Hills. "At Chilhowee Hills, we are intentional in engaging everyone from 8 to 80, of all nationalities, and all economic groups with the opportunity to worship." Their unique location in East Knoxville proves these dichotomies can come together in one place and all experience what he calls balanced worship. "What we do care is that it is Scripturally sound and it causes our people to engage in worship in a personal and meaningful way. The musical styles may change, but at the heart of every worship experience is our grateful response to God for who He is and what He continues to do in every chapter of our lives."

Intentional, extravagant worship is the underlying force that drives the team at Chilhowee Hills Church. "Corporate worship is not a spectator sport, but an opportunity to engage as a body with one voice in glorifying God. We are not here each week to simply perform, but instead we are called to create the opportunity for people to communicate their worship to God. We need to express our gratefulness and be brought to repentance and I believe that singing it is one step closer to living it."

The song Thirsty is based on Ps. 63. It rose out of a Sunday morning Sermon. Stewart commented, "I love the imagery of the parched weary land where there is no water. To me, that describes what our lives are like when we allow legalism to permeate our lives. Religion is dry. What God wants for us I that living water (John 11) – that fills us with life and makes us grow and spread life to others."

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