Chaotic Resemblance – Virtual Reality

Labels: Chaotic Resemblance
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 3:39
From the Album: Covenant
Formats: Christian, Christian Rock, Metal
Available Date & Time: May 25, 2018 11:00 AM ET
Impact Date: May 25, 2018
Country: USA

Album Description

Produced by Oz Fox of Stryper and Josiah Prince of Disciple, this record is levels above

anything the band has done before. From shredding guitar solos and screaming vocals, to

heavy metal breakdowns and a worship ballad, Chaotics Covenant has something for everyone!

Album Notes

Chaotic Resemblance proudly presents their second full length album, Covenant. The follow up

to the bands 2014 release of Get the Hell Out. Like Get the Hell Out, Covenant was produced

by Oz Fox of Stryper. Chaotic also added Josiah Prince of Disciple to the team as producer on

the songs Virtual Reality, Jesus is King, and the title track Covenant (which Josiah co-wrote with

the band). Les Carlsen of BLOODGOOD makes a special guest appearance on the track Out

Loud, followed by many other surprises, like the bands worship ballad Jesus is King. The band

could not be more excited for the release! "We wrote this record for the Jesus lovers and for the

Jesus haters". States the bands lead vocalist Travis McConnell, "I feel that if a person can truly

experience the radical love of God, and see an authentic representation of what a life looks like

that has been transformed by this Man of love, there is no denying the truth, Jesus is Lord.

Many hate an angry god, who steals and kills. I hate that god too, the good news is that’s not

the one true God. Jesus desires to give abundant life to as many as would believe. God has cut

covenant with man by sending His Son Jesus."

You can find Chaotic Resemblance on

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Members of ASCAP

Album info

Produced by Josiah Prince

Mixed by Tony Palacios

Mastered by Nathan Dantzler

Pic by Julie Bergonz

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