Caravan Palace – About You (feat. Charles X)

Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:48
From the Album:About You (feat. Charles X)
Available Date & Time: May 24 2019 03:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Jun 21 2019 00:00:00

Caravan Palace follow up their recent single ‘Miracle’ (more than 18 million streams worldwide) with ‘About You’. The band’s signature mix of modern and vintage sounds is at the fore on this dancefloor-filler reminiscent of fan favourites ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Comics’. Los Angeles native Charles X shares vocals duties with the band’s resident singer Zoe Colotis creating a new sonic soundscape as they continue to challenge categorisation with this characteristically idiosyncratic and undeniably catchy single.


The band’s last single, ‘Miracle’, received widespread radio support with plays on BBC Radio 1’s Future Sounds with Annie Mac (UK), BBC Radio 2 (UK), BBC Radio 6 Music (UK), KCRW (USA), and Virgin (France) and hundreds of other stations around the world.


One of the most viral acts in the digital world, Caravan Palace currently has 1.1 million YouTube subscribers, 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, ¼ billion Spotify streams, 196 million YouTube plays of the ‘Lone Digger’ official video, 439 million YouTube official channel plays, 2.1 million video uploads on TIKTOK (world’s most downloaded app), and 22+ million meme views.


The band's audience has grown beyond recognition since the last album in 2015, with the biggest increases in young people. 68% of the Spotify audience is under 27, 85% of the YouTube audience is under 35.





Tom Norrell


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