CANDY & JEREMY – Worth The Journey

Labels:Copper Lily
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:02:30
From the Album:Worth The Journey
Formats:Christian,Christian Country,Southern Gospel
Available Date & Time: Sep 25 2019 13:24:00 EDT
Impact Date: Sep 25 2019 00:00:00


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COPPER LILY RECORDS is proud to introduce Candy & Jeremy, a husband and wife team. They have been involved in Christian and Gospel Music with others for many years, but now they are stepping out as an acoustic duo. For the first time, they are releasing their debut single “Worth The Journey” from their new debut album Worth The Journey.


Ben Isaacs co-produced with Candy & Jeremy and Mark Capps was the mixing engineer. "We also want to thank Ben Isaacs (Upright Bass) for playing on the album, along with Justin Moses (Guitar, Dobro, & Banjo), and BJ Cherryholmes (Mandolin & Fiddle)," expressed Candy and Jeremy. The participation of these musicians made a great difference in the production.

The album has a modern sound and solid harmony. Candy and Jeremy's voices have matured and are stronger as they answer God’s calling.

More about Candy & Jeremy:

Candy & Jeremy are an acoustic duo based out of Nashville and whose roots run deep in Christian and Gospel music. Candy is the daughter of Coleman Looper one of the founding members of the original Looper Trio in the 60’s. Later, he started the Coleman Looper and the Way Travelers, his own family group, and was signed with the Eddie Crooke Company on Morning Star Label.

During the late 1970’s, Coleman founded, organized and managed the popular Grand Ole Gospel Barn in Crossville, Tennessee. With Marie, his wife, and their 6 children, they operated it for more than 20 years, and this is where Candace (Candy) the youngest of the siblings would get her start in Gospel Music. “I can remember her as early as 2 years old on the barn stage singing,” shares Marie Looper, Candy’s mother. “From birth, Candy was raised on the road with us and her five siblings. At age 11, Candy would begin her journey singing full time in the family group, The Coleman Looper Family.”

Jeremy joined The Coleman Looper Family full time in 1997 continuing till the last performances in late 2018, making appearances at churches, camp meetings, concerts, festivals and numerous TV programs such as: TBN Praise the Lord and others. Jeremy grew up around music and singing in church his entire life. His passion for playing music came at an early age by playing drums in his home church where his parents Terry and Kathie Bear pastored in Nashville.

 “From the moment I met Candy, we were inseparable,” states Jeremy, “because we both shared the same love for gospel music.” Now embarking on a brand-new journey, Candy & Jeremy along with Colter and Kayden, their sons, are determined to spread a message of love and hope with their new album Worth The Journey

“We are so honored to have worked with Ben Isaacs and Mark Capps on this first project,” explains the husband and wife duo. Ben Isaacs, their friend, co-produced, played bass and sang on this new project. “This project is full of great songs and wonderful performances of them,” states Ben. “It was an honor to be part of it.”

Jeremy wrote the title song, because “God gave me a message and out of the message, He gave me a song” The song delivers a message that no matter what struggles, life may bring, Jesus reminds us to keep pressing forward because Heaven is “Worth The Journey”.

Candy and Jeremy were recently signed by Copper Lily Records, a division of MC1 Nashville and exclusively distributed by The Orchard, a subsidy of SONY Music.


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Title: "Worth The Journey"
TRT: 2:30
INTRO: 12 secs
TEMPO: Medium
Songwriter: Jeremy Bear (BMI)
Co-Producers: Ben Isaacs, Candy and Jeremy/Hendersonville, TN
Mixing: Mark Capps//Hendersonville, TN
Studio: Ben's Den Studios/Hendersonville, TN
Mastering: Georgetown Masters/Nashville, TN
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