1. Play MPE® Softlung – Worry

(Triple A, Alternative, AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, College)

2. Play MPE® MAYLYN – Novacane

(Pop, AAA)

3. Play MPE® Five Roses – To The Moon and Back


MDM Recordings Inc. 
4. Play MPE® The Hot Club Of San Francisco – Don’t Panic

(Jazz, Non-Commercial, NPR)

Panda Digital 
5. Play MPE® Preston Pablo, Banx & Ranx – Flowers Need Rain


Universal Music Canada 
6. Play MPE® Paul Irvine – They Were Children

(Americana, Non-Commercial, NPR)

Hammerhead Records 
7. Play MPE® Savannah Taylor – Ride the Beat

(Urban, Classical, Urban AC, Mixshow – Rhythm / Urban, Non-Commercial, NPR, Rhythmic, Vocal, Hip Hop, College, Jazz)

Savannah Taylor (Indie Artist) 
8. Play MPE® Rachel Beausoleil & Evandro Gracelli – Sol da Capital

(Latin – Alternative, Jazz, Latin)

Rachel Beausoleil Music 
9. Play MPE® Marshall Potts – Free And Easy

(Americana, Country, Mainstream Rock, Active Rock)

Let’s Go Alice Records / Entertainment Music Group 
10. Play MPE® Michael Wilford – Esraela (feat. Elijah Quinn)

(Triple A, Alternative, AAA, AC, Non-Commercial, NPR)

Michael Wilford Music 

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