1. Play MPE® Artists For Action – Which Side Are You On?

(Triple A, Americana, AC)

2. Play MPE® July Talk – After This + Certain Father + Hold


Six Shooter Records / Universal Music Canada 
3. Play MPE® Goodnight Sunrise – Footsteps in the Dark

(Rock, Alternative, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, Mainstream Rock, NPR)

Rejection Records 
4. Play MPE® Chalcedony x Petaluna x Wuji – AAR Split Single – DYRWTKWTFGOIMH?! x Death From Above x Ghost

(Rock, Alternative, Triple A, AAA, Pop, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, Active Rock, Specialty, Classic Rock, NPR)

Aura Aurora Records 
5. Play MPE® Stand Up and Say No – Learn to survive

(Rock, Alternative, NPR, Non-Commercial)

614011 Records DK 
6. Play MPE® Preston Pablo, Banx & Ranx – Flowers Need Rain


Universal Music Canada 
7. Play MPE® Jully Black – Three Rocks and a Slingshot (SAMPLER)

(Non-Commercial, Urban Mix Shows, Rhythmic AC, Urban AC, Urban, NPR, Mixshow – Rhythm / Urban)

Jully Black Entertainment Inc 
8. Play MPE® Bruce Springsteen – Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)

(Active Rock, Alternative, Mainstream Rock)

Sony Music Canada 
9. Play MPE® July Talk – Certain Father (feat. Spencer Krug)


Six Shooter Records / Universal Music Canada 
10. Play MPE® Arkells – Blink Twice


Universal Music Canada 

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