1. Play MPE® The Redhill Valleys – Steady The Wheel

(Country, Classic Rock, Rock, Americana, Triple A)

MDM Recordings Inc. 
2. Play MPE® R Grunwald – Oma

(Smooth Jazz, Non-Commercial, Soundtracks, Jazz, NPR, Classical)

3. Play MPE® The McDades – A Winter Collection

(Holiday, Christmas, Americana)

Free Radio Records 
4. Play MPE® José Lobo – In all good Hope

(Folk, Non-Commercial, NPR, College, Latin – Alternative)

Victory Pool 
5. Play MPE® Kelly Sloan – Insides Out

(NPR, Folk, Non-Commercial, College)

Victory Pool 
6. Play MPE® Ollee Owens – Home for the Ollee-Days

(Christmas, Non-Commercial, Blues, Jazz, Holiday, Americana, Traditional)

Ollee Music Inc. 
7. Play MPE® Norine Braun – December Falls

(AAA, Christmas, Blues, Holiday, Rock)

Braun and Brains Music 
8. Play MPE® MOONRIIVR – Vol. 1

(Folk, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, Alternative, College, Rock)

Victory Pool 
9. Play MPE® TALK – La Ziguezon (Live From Soif de Musique, 2023) Range Music / Universal Music Canada / Capitol Records 
10. Play MPE® Toosii – Suffice Universal Music Canada / Capitol Records 

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