Cali Satellites – The Sound Of You

Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:29
From the Album:The Sound Of You
Available Date & Time: May 09 2019 15:00:00 EDT


Ambient Heart Acoustic Mix


Cali Satellites founders Australia’s Dinesh Wicks and Adam Gock were busy being a pop and house music producer, and a heavy rock band guitarist before accidentally becoming two of the world’s most sought after screen composers, writing the scores of some of the world’s most iconic TV shows.


With 6 ASCAP awards and 12 APRA Awards between them they have been the most performed screen composers in the bottom half of the world for almost a decade. 


Their studios in Los Angeles would become a sort of unofficial embassy for travelling musicians who would often ask Wicks and Gock whether they’d like to collaborate musically…for many years they would simply answer…No 


In 2017 they stopped saying No. 


And the Cali Satellites was born. 


They now release the Ambient Heart acoustic version of The Sound Of You featuring vocals by The Potbelleez’, Ilan Kidron.

Listen here:


With a merry bunch of  collaborators  from  break  out  new  talent  to  celebrated artists,  the  songs  from  their  upcoming  album  are  beautiful  slabs  of  guitar  laced  electro  pop  with  echoes  of  80s  Synthwave  and  some  west  coast  indie  cool thrown  in  for  good  measure. 


The Sound of You  is the  3rd  Single  from  the  upcoming  album  Shelby  Drive  Social  Club .


With over 200,000 streams and placement in the coveted playlist of Spotify  USA’s– New  Music  Friday, The Sound Of You is fast proving its popularity.  




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