Boomerhood – Brownwater Blues

Labels:Little Angels Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:01:54
From the Album:Brownwater Blues
Available Date & Time: May 23 2019 10:18:00 EDT

"Boomerhood is an intriguing contemporary band based out of Texas. To my ear, the band has been able to combine country with pop and a little bit of a southern jazz feel."

– Walter Polivka, The Trumpet Online, West Liberty University


"Brownwater Blues" is the debut single from Texas trio, Boomerhood. Written by lead singer and guitarist, John Rice, the song is blues-driven chant about every party's nightmare: running of of "Brown Water." 
About the beginning . . .
Three boomers walk into a bar and reminisce about the good-ole-time music from their teenage years. They meet for a year for regular jam sessions in the baseement, playing country, rock-n-roll, and pop classics. Then they get a little restless. Bill, the drummer, challenges John to write an original song, so he does. And John keeps writing . . . Turns out, John is not only a fabulous guitarist, he can write songs with catchy hooks, memorable melodies, and sometimes “edgy” lyrics. 
Next . . .
In the three years since their first original song, “There Was That Time," a country ballad, Boomerhood Band has developed an extensive portfolio of all-original songs, ranging from country to pop with sometimes jazzy and blues undertones. Its debut album, Boomerhood, was released in 2016. Since then, Boomerhood Band has recorded two EP and is getting ready to record their next album.
Boomerhood is:

Rita Kosnik
It seemed from an early age she was destined for the performing world. First as a white-gloved 5-year-old serving as a decoration for dinner parties, then as ring-bearer-girl and, finally as folk, modern, and tap dancer, until the scholarly, life- of- the- mind stage took over. After a long hiatus, she finally came to her senses and began playing bass guitar in a rock ‘n roll band.

John Rice
John Rice wanted to be a jazz drummer, like Joe Morello or Buddy Rich, when he was 13 years old. By the time he turned 16, he was playing lead guitar in a rock ‘n roll cover band. By age 19, John had moved on to playing bass and guitar in a college stage band, but returned to rock ‘n roll in his early 20s. He quit music entirely in his mid-20s, only to be Shanghaied by the Muse and drafted into Boomerhood. 

William Harmon
Inner city Chicago in the 70s and 80s influenced Bill's early music development. It was a melting pot of rock, punk, disco, jazz, and blues. His teens years were spent torturing his household and neighbors on a white pearl Slingerland drum set which he wished he still had. In college he realized a day job was statistically more likely to support a family; such is life. Music called to all of us in our mid lives and Boomerhood was born. It is hard to cage the beast.  





Ashlee Wall | ******@*******************.*** | ***.***.****
Jamie Fierberg | *****@*******************.*** | ***.***.****
Renee McClure | *****@*******************.*** | ***.***.****
Teresa Johnston-Chance | ******@*******************.*** | ***.***.****

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