Bishop The Overseer – Unconditional (Partus 1662) (Full Mix)

Labels:BEPC Music and Entertainment Group
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:54
From the Album:Unconditional (Partus 1662)
Available Date & Time: Sep 10 2019 09:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Sep 10 2019 00:00:00

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 Official Press Release

Bishop the Overseer has just released another thought-provoking offering in the form of a new single.

“Unconditional” is the second single release from Bishop's forthcoming album entitled “Nation of Immigrants” and follows the chart-topping single “Runnin Back”, which was featured on BBC Radio by DJ Semtex in his playlist picks “5 Tracks You Need to Know”.

Unconditional’s subtitle “Partus” is the abbreviation of “Partus Sequitur Ventrum” (Latin for “that which is brought forth follows the belly (womb), a legal doctrine concerning the slave or free status of children born in the English royal colonies.

Ratified and incorporated into legislation in the United States in 1662, Partus held that the social status of a child followed that of his or her mother. Thus, any child born to an enslaved woman was born into slavery regardless of the ancestry or citizenship of the father. The principal eliminated financial responsibility of fathers for children born into slavery.

“Unconditional” provides an in-depth synopsis from a have-not’s (common-mans) perspective as to the trials and tribulations a person faces when born impoverished, disenfranchised and without access to capital or resources; and a society that once allowed the father to abscond (avoid) the liability of his children. “Unconditional” discusses the circumstances, from a historical point of view, that still disenfranchise so many people today.






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