Bailey James – Devil Won’t Take Me Down

Labels: KA4 Productions / GrassRoots / GrapeVine
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 3:21
Formats: Country
Available Date & Time: February 5, 2019 10:25 PM ET
Country: USA

A departure from her previous hit singles, "Devil Won’t Take Me Down" has an edgy country flair that conceals an important and powerful meaning. After the loss of her brother, Bailey James was faced with an option — succumb to the grief or face it head-on. Strong-willed in most everything she does, she chose the latter with the hope of encouraging others to do the same.

The song was written by Bailey with Julie Downs and Steve O’Brien, and produced by Jeffrey Teague and Jeremy Mayfield.

Having experienced more heartbreak than most will feel in a lifetime, Bailey looked to her music to inspire others. "This song, for me, is about moving forward after the loss of my brother," she says. "It’s not about recovery — because you don’t recover from that kind of tragedy — but coming to terms with what has happened and finding the strength to get back on your feet. It can be motivation for anyone that feels life has them on the ropes."

With over 145K followers across her social media platforms, this rising artist is stamping her name in country music. "Devil Won’t Take Me Down" follows Bailey’s last release to country radio, her first holiday song, "But If it Snows," as well as her previous Music Row Top 40 hit, "Run Girl."

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