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Ana Egge – We Are One (featuring The First Unitarian Brooklyn Choir)

Labels:StorySound Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:04:01
From the Album:We Are One (featuring The First Unitarian Brooklyn Choir)
Available Date & Time: Dec 04 2019 09:00:00 EST

Going for Airplay Now

Ana Egge's NEW Live version of "We Are One" featuring The First Unitarian Brooklyn Choir.

"We Are One" – Written by by Ana Egge and Gary Nicholson.


In witnessing the awe and wonder of the solar eclipse and in times of unexpected natural disasters like flooding or wild fires, when what is happening takes us outside of ourselves and there’s no time to question it, we simply know that we need each other. We see the humanity in each other and ourselves, and however briefly, we know that we are all so much more alike than we are different.


When it’s possible to “look into a stranger’s eyes, and see yourself looking back” and recognize “all our differences are nothing in the face of love.”


Now, in a time when our country and much of the world is so divided, any precious moments of connection are crying out to be acknowledged, even cherished. 

– Ana Egge

WATCH the Video Here:

Celtic Jesus – Let Peace Descend at Christmas

Labels:Celtic Jesus
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:02:46
From the Album:Let Peace Descend at Christmas
Available Date & Time: Dec 04 2019 00:50:00 EST
Impact Date: Dec 03 2019 00:00:00

Celtic Jesus is the moniker used by Jonathan Ebbs.

an Irish singer songwriter based in Dublin.

He writes his songs inspired by his local church.

All proceeds from Let Peace descend at Christmas

go to a local Homeless Charity called Inner City Helping Homeless.




Jonathan Ebbs



Labels:Big Machine Records
Number of Tracks:2
Total Time:00:03:52
From the Album:CHEATIN’ SONGS
Available Date & Time: Dec 03 2019 15:00:00 EST
Impact Date: Jan 20 2020 00:00:00

Elevation Worship – See A Victory

Labels:Elevation Worship
Number of Tracks:3
Total Time:00:09:28
From the Album:See A Victory
Formats:Christian AC,Christian CHR,Christian Hot AC,Christian Praise & Worship
Available Date & Time: Dec 02 2019 16:30:00 EST
Impact Date: Jan 10 2020 00:00:00

Elevation Worship | "See A Victory"
Add Date: January 10, 2020


Thank you for the overwhelming support of "O Come To The Altar," "Do It Again," “Resurrecting" and “ cho" along with the Christmas song "Here Comes Heaven". We are really excited to have a new song for you to begin playing in 2020. It’s called "See A Victory.” This song shot straight to the top of Planning Center and CCLI Song Select immediately upon release. It's a Top 20 song on both charts now AND has amassed more than 15+ million streams since it released in August, 2019.
It's another incredibly special song in a long line of songs that are holding people up in their worst moments. This song is packed FULL of truth!
The weapon may be formed but it won’t prosper
When the darkness falls it won’t prevail
Cause the God I serve knows only how to triumph
My God will never fail
I’m gonna see a victory
For the battle belongs to You Lord
There’s power in the mighty Name of Jesus
Every war He wages He will win
I’m not backing down from any giant
I know how this story ends
You take what the enemy meant for evil
And You turn it for good
You turn it for good
The Story Behind “See A Victory”
From Chris Brown of Elevation Worship: You know, worship is a powerful weapon. It’s like a counter-attack on whatever the enemy is trying to bring against you. When you’re facing or battling anxiety, choose to worship your way through it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, you can choose worship. In first Corinthians 15, it says, thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. You can stand on the authority of the word of God, that whatever you’re up against, it is no match for Jesus. He’s never lost a battle before, and he’s not going to start with yours. Our new song, "See A Victory," has become one of those songs that I’ve put in my own personal armory when I’m in the middle of a struggle or a fight. When I choose praise over fear, even in the face of overwhelming odds, I can trust that God is fighting my battles for me, and he’s turning things around from my good in his glory.


Elevation Worship is the worship ministry of Elevation Church, a multisite church based in Charlotte, NC, led by Pastor Steven Furtick. In August of 2019, they released their most recent project, At Midnight . Elevation Worship has produced multiple albums such as the Grammy-nominated Hallelujah Here Below, which released in 2018. The worship ministry is also known for their RIAA platinum certified song, "O Come to The Altar,” and RIAA Gold certified songs, "Do It Again” and “Resurrecting,” all of which have landed in the TOP 5 on Billboard’s Christian Airplay Charts in the US.

Elevation Worship is passionate about producing songs for the local church that connect others
to God, and in 2019 had 10 songs in the CCLI Top 100 list.
For more information, visit .

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Cold War Kids – Dirt in my Eyes

Labels:AWAL Recordings
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:40
From the Album:Dirt in my Eyes
Formats:AAA,Non-Commercial,NPR,Triple A
Available Date & Time: Dec 03 2019 16:00:00 EST
Impact Date: Jan 13 2020 00:00:00



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Tammy Renee – God Is In The House

Labels:Copper Lily
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:14
From the Album:God Is In The House
Formats:Christian,Christian Country,Southern Gospel
Available Date & Time: Nov 26 2019 09:00:00 EST
Impact Date: Nov 26 2019 00:00:00

Immediate Release:

Nashville, TN


Award winning artist Tammy Renee releases "God Is In The House" to Christian Radio.


Award winning artist Tammy Renee is an eclectic artist who sings Americana, Country, Gospel and Folk music with hints of blues and who's musical influences include Dolly Parton, Iris DeMent and Bonnie Raitt. She has a unique sound and an inspirational story that she uses to share a small piece of her heart.


She was born in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. She grew up in a musical family who enjoyed singing and playing what she refers to as "Real Life Music" Music that was built on the hard times and stories of real life.She started touring in a family band when she was only 9, and has sang with artists like Kitty Wells, Tanya Tucker, Randy Travis and Mary Chapin Carpenter. 

The release of "God Is In The House" is from the album "Steps." Tammy Renee released her first album "Roots Run Deep" in 2017 and has since released 2 other studio albums: "It's Christmas Time Again" in 2017 and her most recent album "Steps"was released in 2018.

Tammy would love it if you would like her social media pages so that she can communicate with you and let you know when she will be in your area. 



For more information visit Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and Tammy Renee



Available on Play MPE


Tammy Renee

Title: "God Is In The House"

Artist: Tammy Renee

TRT: 3:14

Intro: 09

Tempo: Medium

Genre: Southern Gospel & Christian Country

Songwriter: Gary Haase/ASCAP/Michael Curtis/ASCAP

Publisher: Downtown Copyright Mgmt/OBO/Major Bob Music, Inc./OONA Songs, LLC

Contact Information: ***************@*****.***

NIchole Nordeman – Fragile

Labels:Bird And Bug Records
Number of Tracks:11
Total Time:00:40:40
From the Album:Fragile
Formats:Christian AC
Available Date & Time: Dec 02 2019 11:26:00 EST
Impact Date: Dec 01 2019 00:00:00






Michigander – Misery

Labels:C3 Management
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:01
From the Album:Misery
Formats:Non-Commercial,NPR,Triple A
Available Date & Time: Dec 02 2019 12:00:00 EST
Impact Date: Jan 06 2020 00:00:00

Michigander “Misery” now airing on over 30 stations including KCMP, KCSN, KRVB, Indie 102.3, Colorado Sound, KXT, KCLC, KBAC, KRSH, KSLU, KSPN, KVYN, WFUV, WCNR, WFPK, WQKL, WRLT, WRNR, WXPK, WXRT, WYEP, WWCT, WZEW, Music Choice, WEHM, WCLX


Michigander emanates a magnetic Midwest spirit—uplifting anthems raised by six-string fireworks and empowering lyrics.  Garnering 3 million-plus streams and the acclaim of NPR, Paste, NME, Metro Times, the sonic alter ego of Michigan native, singer, producer, and guitarist Jason Singer bottles the feeling of the region on the 2019 EP Where Do We Go From Here. Jason brought Michigander to life during 2014 while moving across his home state to Kalamazoo. In 2016 the independent single "Nineties" took off, claiming real estate on multiple major Spotify playlists. Between releasing the 2018 Midland EP, the group shared the stage with artists from Pete Yorn to Twin Peaks in addition to performing at festivals with alt-J, Solange, and Foster the People, to name a few. Signed to C3 Records, he recorded Where Do We Go From Here, expanding his sound as illuminated on singles such as "Misery" and "Poplar". 




Radio Contacts:


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Greg Dulli – Pantomima

Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:25
From the Album:Pantomima
Available Date & Time: Dec 03 2019 11:05:00 EST
Impact Date: Dec 09 2019 00:00:00

From the album

"Random Desire"

Available 2/21/20



For the last 30 years, ​Greg Dulli, ​frontman of ​The Afghan Whigs​ and ​The Twilight Singers, has been the poet laureate of the bizarre whims and cruel tangents of desire. A foremost authority on the sell-your-soul rewards of carnal lust, the high voltage epiphanies of chemical enhancement, and the serotonin lows left in their wake​. ​ Therein lies ​Random Desire​,​ the first solo album under Dulli’s own name, due for release this coming February 21s​t​ via ​Royal Cream​/​BMG​ and available for pre-order now.  The album opener and lead single, “Pantomima” sets the tone from the sardonic taunts of the album’s first bars: desolation, come and get it.  Today, Dulli has also announced a Spring 2020 European tour and US tour dates in support of the album will be announced soon.


Random Desire​ started in the aftermath of the last Whigs record, 2017’s ​In Spades,​ which Pitchfork ​named one of the best rock records of the year, hailing it as a “heavy, menacing work of indie rock majesty…thrilling and unsettling.”​ D​rummer Patrick Keeler was about to take a short sabbatical to record and tour with his other band, ​The Raconteurs​.  Dulli’s longtime collaborator, bassist John Curley went back to school, and there was the tragic death of the band’s guitarist, Dave Rosser.


In response, Dulli returned to his teenage bedroom roots, finding musical inspiration via the model of one-man-band visionaries​ Prince​ and ​Todd Rundgren​.  The Los Angeles-by-way-of-Hamilton, Ohio native wrote nearly every part of the record from piano lines to drums to bass riffs.  As always, the music came first and the lyrics were completed later.  Recording and writing way stations included his home in Silver Lake, the village of Crestline high up in the mountains above San Bernardino, and New Orleans.  But the bulk was finished amidst the arid beauty and stark isolation of Joshua Tree (at the studio of engineer Christopher Thorne). Dulli handled most instrumentation, but an all-star cast of characters appear across the track-listing including The Whigs’ guitarist Jon Skibic and multi-instrumentalist Rick G. Nelson, Mathias Schneeberger (​Twilight Singers​), pedal steel wizard, upright bassist, and physician Dr. Stephen Patt, and drummer Jon Theodore (​Queens of the Stone Age​, ​The Mars Volta)​.


Clocking in at a lean 37 minutes, ​Random Desire​ is a clinic put on by a veteran master operating at the height of his powers, offering evidence of the hard-fought and weary wisdom learned from setbacks and victories alike.  A lucid, confident and self-assured document of the songs of experience, the perils of existence, and the possibilities that offer themselves anew with each breath.  Another death and rebirth from an outlaw who has seen it all and somehow lived to tell.




Nick Attaway



Tenille Arts – Somebody Like That

Labels:Reviver Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:18
From the Album:Somebody Like That
Available Date & Time: Dec 03 2019 11:00:00 EST
Impact Date: Jan 13 2020 00:00:00

Click HERE to watch the music video! 




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