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Isabela Merced – Papi

Labels:Republic Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:02:30
From the Album:Papi
Formats:Top 40
Available Date & Time: Nov 18 2019 16:39:00 EST

Sean Della Croce – In Confidence

Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:54
From the Album:In Confidence
Formats:AAA,Non-Commercial,NPR,Triple A
Available Date & Time: Nov 18 2019 17:30:00 EST
Impact Date: Nov 29 2019 00:00:00



(last name pronounced Della Crochee)


"In Confidence"

from her new album Illuminations

"Sean has such a compelling voice" – 21-time Grammy winner VINCE GILL

"…love the writing, the melody, the clarity, and the sheer brilliance." – EAR TO THE GROUND

"…a folk version of Tegan and Sara" – MORNING CALL

"This album is beautiful and touching and slick. And her voice! It's so smooth and ethereal." – AUTOSTRADDLE

"Poetic lyrics that ride on the waves of Della Croce's smooth guitar playing and almost tender-sounding voice." MV TIMES


Contact: Erin Morris Huttlinger / Santa Rita Artist Management / ****@********.*** / ***.***.****


Malou Beauvoir – Papa Damballah

Labels:Panthera Music International
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:49
From the Album:Papa Damballah
Available Date & Time: Nov 08 2019 12:00:00 EST
Impact Date: Nov 12 2019 00:00:00

Featured in Suzan Beraza's Massacre River Documentary


The sixth single from Malou Beauvoir’s Spiritwalker album, “Papa Damballah” speaks to one of the most ancient and revered spirits in Haitian Vaudou. The creator of all life, Papa Damballah, the great white snake, represents wisdom, morality, creation, and equity.

The song recalls we are all his children and asks for his protection and guidance in situations of injustice. Beauvoir’s personal relationship with this spirit is emphasized during the spoken word passage when she “thanks him and the spirits that guide her everyday of her life for their support”.

The closing song on Spiritwalker, “Papa Damballah” plays over the end credits in Suzan Beraza’s documentary Massacre River: The Woman Without a Country, which has aired on PBS over 1500 times since its televisual premiere on October 1st 2019. New air dates for the film have been announced for November.

Beauvoir reflects on how right this song was when chosen by the director, saying “I feel as if Papa Damballah was manifesting and telling Pikilina in the film, that she had finally gotten some form of justice by telling her story and representing countless others.”

“Papa Damballah” features Andy Ezrin (Piano), Bob Mann (Guitar), Ben Whitman (Drums and Percussion), and David Finck (Upright Bass). Recorded at AVATAR Studios in NY.


About Massacre River

This character-driven documentary takes place in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, two ethnically and culturally distinct countries that have been forced to share an island since colonial times. The film follows Pikilina, a Dominican-born woman of Haitian descent, and her family. Racial and political violence erupt when the country of her birth, the Dominican Republic, reverses its birthright citizenship law and she is left stateless, along with 250,000 others. With the stroke of a pen, generations of people are left without a homeland. This sets Pikilina off on an epic journey as she struggles to regain her Dominican citizenship. Pikilina now faces the choice of fighting for her rightful citizenship and exposing herself to danger, or fleeing with her family to Haiti, a country she barely knows. In a country already rife with racism, this contentious law further stokes an atmosphere of distrust and animosity between Dominicans and Haitians, and gives tacit official support for xenophobia.


Connect with Malou Beauvoir


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Grace Asbury – Pour Me

Labels:Star Farm Nashville
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:02:54
From the Album:Pour Me
Available Date & Time: Nov 15 2019 13:46:00 EST
Impact Date: Dec 02 2019 00:00:00

Country phenom and Atlanta GA native, Grace Asbury is poised to take over the country music scene! Working for the last two years, behind the scenes, crafting hits for other country artists, alongside music maven , producer and mentor “Mama Jan” Smith, Grace is now ready time control the country music charts with her new catchy, bold single “Pour Me”! 


Star Farm Nashville

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Cheri Janae – Rewind -The Remix (Remix)

Labels:Manatee Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:27
From the Album:Rewind -The Remix
Available Date & Time: Nov 01 2019 08:30:00 EDT
Impact Date: Nov 01 2019 00:00:00


Even while in high school , this upcoming star, with her real name Cheri Shannon aka on the stage as Cheri Janae, she received many crowd applause whenever she performed on stage as a singer and songwriter from Chicago. The early years were of trial and perseverance but, Cheri is not only talented but has a heart made of the elements that others spend a lifetime to achieve. She has grown within as well as externally to provide the confidence that now radiates with her smile and interactions with her fans when she does her boss thing on stage. Not only is she trained in the classics vocally, such as Mozart and Gerswhin, but Cheri Janae began to open up her repertoire while in college. Today she is a comfortable writer and vocal artist in the genre of Pop and R&B music. After she scored as a finalist in the NBC show “Fame”, as well as in the mini-stage production of Spike Lee’s film “School Daze”, she was casted in a co-starring role in a TV pilot produced by Mike Merrill for That Common Production. She vocally crafted her career at open mics, music festivals, as a performer at the House of Blues and, a Sony BMG music showcase at Chicago’s most famous Nightclub “Excalibur”, which she realized were pivotal in her career.

Cheri fuses various styles of R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Latin, and Dance music with a 4.5-octave vocal range. She had many listeners calling in after she received airplay on many college radio stations and weekend radio mix shows for several of her early songs including “How Wud U Like” and “I Can Love You”.  A few of her influences include Mariah Carey, Adele, Sade and, Whitney Houston. When asked during an interview at the Sony BMG showcase to describe what is her greatest strengths she replied as an artist, “I’m the artist who brings the fun back in music thru storytelling, fashion, and rhythmic melodies like a modern-day Diana Ross or Donna Summer.” 

Her latest single “Rewind”has been aired on many commercial as well as Internet radio stations but her fans wanted more and many asked for a reggae remix to the song which she delivered to her fans.  The song is now receiving many airplays more recently with the affiliation with Manatee Records, one of Reggae music’s upstart and accomplished record labels globally. Her past performances include venues of all sizes in the Chicagoland region as well as outlying cities in the midwest including Milwaukee and Indianapolis and in such venues as The House of Blues, Hollywood Aurora Casino, the International Music Festival Chicago, Clear Channel Summer Block Party, and even an ESPN Boxing Match to name a few. She has written pre-productions with Panther and Individualz of Swizz Beats production team featuring VH1’s reality star and hip-hop singer Ray J as well as Will Jordan the writer of Nicki Minaj and Rihanna’s hit song “Fly”.  Cheri Janae looks forward to her journey in music and entertainment in hopes to inspire others through her story of love, loss, faith, courage, and hope.



Calvin Flowers

SIDNEE – Song For The Past

Labels:Powderfinger Promo
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:04:15
From the Album:Song For The Past
Available Date & Time: Nov 18 2019 12:50:00 EST
Impact Date: Nov 18 2019 00:00:00


Sidnee Lusón, formerly of Cripples, The Live Nude Girls, and The Social Beat has re-emerged from his gig as a psychologist at a maximum security prison to release his first single in 8 years. “Song For The Past” is pure Americana, a traditional cruising down a Texas highway on a moody summer’s night with a lightning storm in the distance. “Song for the Past” received regular airplay on over 200 radio stations in the U.K. and Europe, prompting this U.S. release. Sidnee, who has run the gamut from punk to pop big band, will be taking this latest folkart rock incarnation on the road next summer, doing select club and festival dates throughout the U.S., U.K and Europe.  


David Avery



Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:57
From the Album:SILENT NIGHT
Formats:Christian,Christian AC,Christian CHR,Christian Hot AC
Available Date & Time: Nov 18 2019 11:00:00 EST
Impact Date: Nov 15 2019 00:00:00

Judith Owen (featuring Richard Thompson) – Second Hand Sexbot

Labels:Twanky Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:56
From the Album:Second Hand Sexbot
Available Date & Time: Nov 18 2019 11:00:00 EST

Singer-Songwriter Judith Owen Releases a Wild and Woolly New Single, “Second-Hand Sexbot,” Due Nov. 22

With unmatched humor and flair, Owen lampoons the growing trend of AI-enhanced love dolls


LOS ANGELES (date) – Judith Owen is many things – a world class pianist and vocalist; an internationally acclaimed composer, recording artist and performer whose stylistic range spans rock, pop, classical, jazz, blues and musical theatre – but she’s also a master storyteller. 

And she’s something of a provocateur. On her captivating and riotously funny new single, “Second-Hand Sexbot,”  wondrously strange tale about loneliness and isolation and the growth in the demand for startlingly lifelike AI-enhanced love dolls as replacement companions (even when in a relationship) around the globe.


“As a songwriter, I sometimes tackle very serious subjects,” Owen says, “but I also rely very heavily on my sense of humor. 


Which is exactly what Owen did after she caught a late-night TV show documenting a man who had purchased an anthropomorphic robot sex doll. “He was talking about how technically advanced these robots have become and how, in addition to having sex with it, he saw it as his ‘girlfriend’ and treated it with great care and tenderness,” Owen recalls. “At first, I thought, ‘OK, I’m not going to be judgmental because he’s obviously a lonely single man, and he’s not hurting anyone!’ We’re at a place in society where we’re behind our computers so much that we hardly talk or interact with other humans at all.”

However, Owen’s head spun around when he admitted that, owing to the high price of AI dolls and his budgetary limitations, he’d gone on a Craigslist-type site and bought a “second-hand sexbot”! “My eyes lit up,” Owen says. “I thought, ‘There’s so many things wrong with that.’ For instance, wear and tear?”


Owen has previewed “Second-Hand Sexbot” during recent concert performances, and she notes that the song drew raves at an appearance attended by a host of artificial intelligence experts. “After I sang it for them, they announced that it was a hit and that they would vote it as their favorite song of all time,” she says. “To get their stamp of approval sealed the deal for me.”






Arkansas Dave – Bad Water

Labels:Planetary Group
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:04:35
From the Album:Bad Water
Available Date & Time: Nov 18 2019 10:00:00 EST
Impact Date: Nov 14 2019 00:00:00

Arkansas Dave 

"Bad Water"

At Radio Now

"Arkansas Dave’s sound is earnest, passionate; his voice drops with conviction no matter the subject—a talent for bad behavior, a run of bad luck and loneliness, the weariness of the road or true love."
Americana Music Show

"Arkansas Dave delivers an exciting, rock heavy edge to Americana which is thoroughly enjoyable…"
Building Our Own Nashville

Born in Little Rock and raised in Camden, Arkansas, the multi-instrumentalist was reared in a house divided by fundamental Christianity and crippling drug abuse. He migrated from Arkansas with nothing but his love for music, and started surviving on side jobs here and there while honing his craft wherever he could. He eventually found his way to Austin, where he enrolled at the Media Tech school and plied his trade in the same studio where Willie Nelson and Neil Young cut records. A series of bands followed, including a stint on tour with Guitar Shorty. Dave developed a following in Austin, and parlayed that local fame into his first record. The road ahead may be smoother than what’s behind him, but it’s a road that’s yet to be traveled; a road Dave will pave through Nashville with his grit, determination and sheer musical talent. 

Watch a Live Version Of "Bad Water" Here!


The Planetary Group
(***) ***-****


Follow Arkansas Dave:



Hazel English – Shaking

Labels:Polyvinyl Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:33
From the Album:Shaking
Formats:AAA,Non-Commercial,NPR,Triple A
Available Date & Time: Nov 18 2019 08:25:00 EST
Impact Date: Nov 25 2019 00:00:00



The first new single since 2017 from the Aussie indie-pop songwriter

Shaking down early support at Beats1, KCRW, KEXP, SiriusXM ALT Nation & XMU, WFUV, WEQX, WXPN, and MORE

Recent Touring Includes Support for Death Cab for Cutie and Lord Huron

Debut Album & Tour Dates Announcing Early 2020!

“Shaking” strikes right at the heart of ’60s psychedelia. Its ridiculously catchy core melody feels fresh while retaining a retrospective sensibility. –Stereogum

watch the new music video!!


"Shaking" is the long awaited return of the enigmatic California based Aussie songstress, who first broke through four years ago with a series of transfixing, jangling dream-pop singles and EPs. With her trademark track, the indie classic "Never Going Home’, having now amassed tens of millions of plays online, Hazel has cemented her place as one of the brightest new stars of indie, and anticipation for her debut album has reached an all time high.

The first single off the forthcoming debut album could not be a bigger statement of intent. A Sixties-influenced odyssey of grooves and cloud-bursting hooks that will have indie jukeboxes taking nuclear turns from the off.

“Shaking presents the promise of spiritual awakening as a kind of seduction in order to lull the individual into false truths about themselves and the world around them” Hazel notes, of the track’s narrative. “It’s meant to be a playful, tongue-in-cheek song so mostly I hope people get some fun out of it"

Written by Hazel and recurrent collaborator Blake Stranathan (Lana Del Rey) and produced in Hazel’s adopted home of Los Angeles by super-producer Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX, Angel Olsen), "Shaking" lays the groundwork for Hazel's forthcoming album, which casts a similarly wry, appraising eye over modern life.

"There is a lot more I am trying to explore under the surface that I hope people notice," she notes, "questions like: what are the ideas we are seduced by, and are they leading us to a good or bad place? What do we truly believe deep down? "I feel like I’m on this continual journey of figuring out what I truly believe and separating it from the false and toxic ideas I was taught about myself and the world throughout my life. I hope I can inspire others to also search for their inner truths and find their own inner strength in the process."

With the single’s fusion of dreamy lyricism and propulsive, hazy grooves, the scene has been set for one hell of an album. And if this first missive is anything to go by, Hazel’s debut promises to be one of the highlights of 2020.


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