1. Play MPE® SAMANTHA JADE – BOUNCE Sony Music Australia 
2. Play MPE® THE SCRIPT – THE LAST TIME Sony Music Australia 
3. Play MPE® Mark Fitzsummons – Southern


Mark Fitzsummons Music 
4. Play MPE® Bill Tolson & The Learners – Good Morning What a Beautiful Day Bill Tolson Music 
5. Play MPE® Bebe Rexha – You Cant Stop The Girl Warner Music Australia 
6. Play MPE® Marty Rhone – Jealous Of The Sky Varrasso PR 
7. Play MPE® Van Morrison – Dark Night Of The Soul Caroline Australia 
8. Play MPE® Warren H Williams – Let Us Stand Together Universal Music Australia 
9. Play MPE® Busby Marou – Naba Norem (The Reef Song) Warner Music Australia 
10. Play MPE® Russell Dickerson – Every Little Thing Sony Music Australia 
11. Play MPE® Janey – Hurts Me Like Hell ArowAgency 
12. Play MPE® CELINE DION – IMPERFECTIONS Sony Music Australia 
13. Play MPE® Sara Storer – Hayrunner Universal Music Australia 
14. Play MPE® Norah Jones With Puss N Boots – The Grass is Blue EMI Music Australia 
15. Play MPE® Angus Gill – Welcome To My Heart Universal Music Australia 
16. Play MPE® Maroon 5 – Memories Universal Music Australia 
17. Play MPE® Hartley – Mind Warner Music Australia 
18. Play MPE® Liam Gallagher – Why Me? Why Not. Warner Music UK / Warner Music Australia 
19. Play MPE® Weezer – The End of the Game Warner Music Australia 
20. Play MPE® Hoodlem – Never Said Goodbye Ditto Distribution 

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