Adult Contemporary Weekly Top 20 streams

    1. Play MPE® Anya Taylor-Joy – Downtown

    (Non-Commercial, Triple A, AAA, College, Adult Hits, Classic Hits, AC, NPR)

    Back Lot Music 
    2. Play MPE® Jenny Slate Lee – Let Go

    (Christian AC, Christian Praise & Worship, AC, Christian Inspo)

    So Loved Music Group 
    3. Play MPE® D’Sound, Pher & Cory Henry – Good Nature

    (Non-Commercial, Smooth Jazz, Triple A, AAA, College, Urban AC, Jazz, NPR)

    4. Play MPE® Steve Holy – A Christmas To Remember

    (Talk, Non-Commercial, Holiday, Country, AAA, Triple A, Adult Hits, AC, Christmas, NPR)

    Thrill Hill Records 
    5. Play MPE® Jabari Johnson – One Touch

    (Gospel, Urban AC, College)

    Light Records / MNRK 
    6. Play MPE® Norah Jones – I Dream Of Christmas

    (Non-Commercial, Smooth Jazz, Holiday, Triple A, AAA, College, Americana, Adult Hits, Classic Hits, Jazz, AC, Christmas, NPR, Hot AC)

    Blue Note 
    7. Play MPE® Smiley Mikey – I Melt With You

    (Non-Commercial, Triple A, AAA, Adult Hits, Classic Hits, Classic Rock, Rock – Specialty, AC, NPR)

    Smiley Mikey 
    8. Play MPE® Freewill – Love Ain’t

    (Gospel, Urban AC)

    SeaQ Management 
    9. Play MPE® AURORA – Giving In To The Love

    (Non-Commercial, AAA, College, Top 40, Hot AC, Alternative)

    Glassnote Records 
    10. Play MPE® andrew reed & the liberation – Twisted World

    (AAA, Triple A, College, Americana, Active Rock, AC, Rock, Top 40, Alternative)

    Artists International/WorldSound/InGrooves/UMG 
    11. Play MPE® Courtney Cole – Light

    (Hot AC)

    Ocean 528 Music 
    12. Play MPE® Taylor Swift – Christmas Tree Farm

    (Holiday, Christmas, Hot AC, AC)

    Republic Records 
    13. Play MPE® Jade Holland – Fight For It

    (Pop, Country, Rock, AC)

    The Manick Label / INGROOVES 
    14. Play MPE® Avery Raquel – Please

    (Non-Commercial, CHR Pop, Triple A, AAA, College, Jazz, Urban, AC, Top 40, NPR, Hot AC, Alternative)

    Avery Raquel 
    15. Play MPE® Ryland James – A Christmas To Remember

    (Holiday, Christmas, Hot AC, AC)

    Republic Records 
    16. Play MPE® Jamie Payet – All You Need Is Love

    (Classic Hits, Classic Rock, AC)

    Orange Music Group 
    17. Play MPE® Adele – Easy On Me

    (Top 40, Hot AC, AC, CHR Pop)

    Sony Music Canada 
    18. Play MPE® Deejaynoice feat Riddickulous – Bath’Angife


    Bull Records 
    19. Play MPE® Natalie Nicole Gilbert – Don’t Blink

    (Urban AC, Dance)

    Harbor Road Entertainment 
    20. Play MPE® Nataliya Nikitenko – Caroline

    (Pop, Alternative, AC, College)

    Draw Out Music, Inc. 

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